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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, February 5, 2018

Pen & Prosper Honors Black History Month

February marks National Black History Month. A time to recognize, honor and embrace the collective contributions of people of color.

Accordingly, I thought it would be fun and interesting to share with you a few Black bloggers that are worthy of note. Good writing/blogging in my opinion has no color; it has universal appeal.
Which is why those that are being featured might just make it on your future blog roll list.

Here, in no particular order are four for this month:



As many of you are aware, I'm a "foodie" at heart. I love to cook for family and friends and stumbled across Monique's site while doing some recipe "sleuthing" on line. 
Her site has beautiful, delicious recipes to please almost any palate. Monique is on a mission to show today's progressive woman that it's okay to be "liberated" and love being in the kitchen too.


Kembala provides sage advice here on how to save money, get ahead and increase your financial I.Q.


Evelyn helps readers to "take charge of their health and own it!" On her site you'll find an array of interesting articles on healthy eating and weight management. A great blog for those of you who have made weight loss one of your new year's resolutions.


Sybil is a Harvard graduate who knows her stuff. Through her popular site she shares tips and strategies to overcome obstacles and enhance the quality of life.
Chavis and her husband decided to engage in a simple act that had major impact. They vowed to give up complaining for 40 days. This ushered in a new way of thinking and a new way of life. Read how having a paradigm shift and a positive mental state can transform your relationships, your career, and your overall perspective. You'll find a lot of interesting topics, resources, and posts worth pondering here.  Imagine the possibilities!
 Sybil has also been a guest post contributor to Pen & Prosper. You can read more of her work below: 

If time permits, I hope you'll visit these diverse, enlightening sites and expand your reading horizons.
Happy Black History Month!
Comments? Thoughts?
Image credits: BHM and Celebrate


  1. You certainly have an array of talent here today.

  2. I'm with Lee, what wonderful talent you've represented here! Appreciate you sharing their info and links. I've visited a few in the past but will have to stop by them all soon.

    Celebrating this wonderfully historical month as well - I just learned that Harriet Tubman frequently took on jobs in Cape May, NJ to fund her trips to rescue family and friends. Cape May is just minutes from where I grew up, so I was excited to learn this bit of history about her. To think she may have walked the same avenues I have is sobering and gives me a richer appreciation of all she accomplished. She truly was a wonder. Have a great week!

    1. Karen,
      Indeed she was. Thanks so much for sharing this interesting tidbit.
      I value your time and feedback here.

  3. Oh, my stars. I just watched Monique make mac and cheese. I am soooo trying it her way. And I may just give up complaining for Lent. LOL Money and health - excellent topics for everybody to be on top of, too. Love this post, Jennifer. =0)

    1. Sue,
      Love that you took the time to let me know!
      Keep me posted on the results of the Mac and cheese recipe...or any others!
      Thanks, dear.