"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Welcome to Pen and Prosper. A Blog designed with you in mind. Whether you're a new writer seeking to learn the ropes, or a vet in search of ideas for a more lucrative career, you'll find needed resources here.

Pen and Prosper is devoted to supporting and advancing you in your creative journey. You're in the "write" place.

Created originally in 2009, Pen and Prosper has been mentioned, lauded and linked to by both small and influential, award-winning sites throughout the Blogosphere. It's been listed as a "top 10" favorite by many readers, and I'm hoping it'll become one of yours too.

In December, 2011, Pen & Prosper was chosen as a Top 10 Writing Blogs finalist at Write to Done, (out of thousands of nominations).
Pocketchange.com also selected Pen & Prosper as a noteworthy blog in its weekly "Best of the Web" round-up in May, 2012.

Recent awards here include:

TOP 100 BLOGS FOR THE MODERN WRITER IN 2013--By Livehacked.com
TOP 25 WRITING BLOGS IN 2014--By Positivewriter.com
TOP 50 WRITING BLOGS IN 2015--By Positivewriter.com
TOP 100 WRITING BLOGS IN 2016--By FeedSpot.com

In her "Awesome Blogs" designation at Writing World.Com's monthly feature selection, Writing World editor, Moira Allen, shares: "If you want to find out more about blogging, here's the ultimate blog about blogs."

What makes Pen and Prosper different and perhaps deserving of your time?

Expertise based upon solid experience (more than 15 years of professional writing)
An array of interesting topics
A friendly, diverse, welcoming community
Actionable tips to hone your craft, increase your cash, and help you grow
And the opportunity to laugh and learn

...The writing ain't too bad either. :-)

As for the woman behind the Blog?

Well, when I'm not writing, you'll likely find me in hot pursuit of a good bargain sale, enjoying a sappy love movie, slaying my opponents in "Jeopardy", cooking, reading, "vibe-ing" to some good music, and embracing the simple joys of life.
(Though not simultaneously). :-)

Look for posts on an array of writing and blogging related topics weekly, in addition to guest posts.

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Pen and Prosper is NOT just about the writing life; it's about living a life worth writing about.

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out.



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