"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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"You do a great job helping writers and have an informative and interesting site."

---Jenine Boisits
Publisher of Literary Beginnings Journal

"Perhaps the most resource-rich Blog I have seen for writers thus far."

---Yasmin M.
Author of "From Cane Field to the Sea"

"Banks seems to have infinite energy, and this blog offers a vast array of articles. Well worth a long visit."

---Moira Allen
Writing-World.Com, Editor

"I have long admired and learned from your articles in Writing for Dollars and your numerous Blogs. You are a wonderful writing model!"

---Noelle Sterne, Ph.D.
Author of "Trust Your Life Now"

"I stumbled across your blog while looking for interesting and informational voices in digital publishing. I loved your posts and I did not realize I spent about 30 mins just reading your posts in a row. Congratulations on such an informational blog! You come from a rich background and your passion to share is evident in your blog posts."

---Shilpa Mudiganti
Founder Inkspell Publishing LLC and The Good Villain 

"The Blog looks nice, and I appreciate the resources. However, for me, the attraction remains the quality of your writing. It gladdens my heart to know that there is a writer out there who is crafting the language so beautifully. Brava."

---Cythia C.
Award-winning author, Travel writer

"I take your advice to heart, and kind of see you as the (way more attractive) version of the coach in "Rocky". You want to push us to be our best, but refuse to nudge us there with sugar-coating realities.
We all need the coach in Rocky in our lives!"

---J. Dolores

"Jen, you are a creative genius, and your brain must always be zooming. I aspire to be like you."
---Linda O. 
Chicken Soup Contributing Author/ 24 times

"I feel like your blog does the research leg work for me and I can just sit back and read/enjoy/learn."

---Wendy A.

"I love the vibrant energy you bring to your posts---very cool!"
---Samuel P.

"I absolutely love your blog!"
---Dallas Woodburn, Award-winning author and founder of writeonbooks.org

"Your thoughts are amazing! I find what you write inspiring."
---Katie, 14 year-old high school freshman and aspiring journalist

" I just found you last month, and already I've learned so much from you. I appreciate your open and honest approach. Keep up the incredible job!"

" I am a freelancer to the publishing industry, so you often have interesting stuff. But even when your posts are not relevant specifically to me, I often find them interesting."
---K. Stories, Writer

"Jennifer's writing voice is unique and interesting. Her posts always grab my attention."
---S. Reinhardt, Writer/author

"You have a phenomenal voice! I think it's great the way that you're able to speak to so many groups of people."
---K. Evans, Financial Expert and author