"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's Your Biggest Freelance Frustration...?

It's Wednesday, "hump day" and thus far it's been a busy week.
I'm "haunted" by Ghost Writing deadlines,  immersed in calls for submissions, researching markets, and other creative projects.
But, don't get me wrong; on most days, I wouldn't trade this way of life for the world.
How about you...?

Still, with all the "warm and fuzzy" feelings it can bring, there are times when it makes me wanna' scream.
I'm guessing...you too? :-)

Like last week, when I was mired down in computer glitches, Blogger mishaps, and my first rejection from a new market I've been dying to break into.

 And did I mention all the frantic checking of my emails, for an updated status on some long-labored-over submissions I sent out in great hopes?

If I had to sum it up, these would be my top four frustrations (in no particular order):

1. Computer glitches
2. The "feast or famine" cycle
3. Rejections
4. Time spent waiting on responses

Well, that's my story...what's yours?

What is it about freelance writing that frustrates you, freaks you out, or that you just can't seem to get a handle on? And how do you handle it?

Maybe we can help each other here...and save a lot of money on therapy. :-)

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  2. It can be frustrating that writing can be difficult, only from frustration can also come - Inspiration -, as you can read about in my post titled: (Song) Writing for the Waste Basket.

    Also 'Frustration' inspired me to come up with a 'New Promo-Tool', by 'Frustrating' you as a reader, with only showing you small parts of blog posts, not (yet) showing you the entire blog posts, being able to instantly show you more topics you might find interesting to read.

    Now you can find the page breaks - more strategically placed -with a 'Read More >>- Link', in a way that can make you more curious about what you will get to read when you click those Read More links :)

    1. I like that: "from frustration can come inspiration." :-) Thanks for sharing, H.P.

  3. Frustrations? Hmm, plenty :) The funniest thing is that I sometimes cry, pray and beg for work, and when I finally get an order I cry, pray and beg on how to write the right piece....

    1. Marja,

      Too cute! I hear ya'. :-) It was great getting your feedback here. Thanks so much.

  4. One challenge I have is that some people don't respect my working time and I must field interruptions often. Naturally I screen calls, etc. but sometimes the boundaries you set get steamrolled. It is tricky to maintain the schedule some days.

    Had someone ask me this past weekend, "So what do you do? I mean I know you have your writing and all..." I felt like responding something like, "why yes, and my writing all gets done in about 30 minutes; the rest of my time is spent on the couch watching television and eating chocolates." While not a physical hindrance to a writing career, this misconception irks me sometimes, especially like now, when I am buried in writing projects.

    Like you though, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I just need to find a better balance and let more roll off my back. :) And maybe find that rich client that only wants 30 minutes worth of work (for a big fee) so that I can spend more time on the couch...

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Karen,

      How true. The misperceptions of the writing life can range from humorous to ridiculous! Right? Thanks for adding value to the conversation. Wishing you more balance and more chocolate in days ahead. :-)

  5. The other night someone called my writing "a hobby." He meant no harm, but it kind of stung. I wonder what I'll have to do to convince people I'm a writer??? And the feast or famine thing gets to me at times. Wish I could find a rich client, too, Karen. LOL Great topic, Jen.

    1. Sue,
      Don't let it get you down. Some folks would wish to have a "hobby" as profitable as yours. :-) Send that friend one of your business cards. I appreciate your feedback here.