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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Get a Greater R.O.I. for Your Blogging Efforts in 2013

I recently celebrated the 400 mark for posts appearing at this site.
Though I love the many opportunities this forum provides to connect, create community, and help other writers to expand their horizons and their bottom line, I must admit, it's harder than I thought.

Like most bloggers that recognize the importance of updating content on the regular, to retain readers and rank high with Google, I typically pen about 2000-3000 words monthly. Multiply that by 12 months.
Factor in the time it takes to choosing images, responding to comments, and promoting content.
That's a whole lot of sweat equity, folks. :-)
And this is in addition to my clients' assignments, creative projects, etc.
I'm sure many of you can relate to something similar.

Which is why blogging should be "profitable" to make "cents".
But be advised: profit is not always monetary.

With this in mind, today's post is designed to help you reach new levels with your blogging efforts, earn money, and experience greater karma, even.

Let's explore a few ways that my blogging has "paid off" over the years. And yours can too.

1. Blog Jobs----Many may not realize it, but your blog can serve as an online resume to score creative jobs, if it's designed and marketed properly. Quality content, engaging posts, the best representation of your writing, and an active community can make all the difference. To make more bacon, check out the job boards at Problogger.net and Bloggingpro.com.

2. Contest Titles and Awards---"You're nobody 'til somebody loves you," sings sexy crooner, Michael Buble`. Well, you can question the validity of those words, but trust this: receiving industry recognition for your blogging efforts can garner credibility, new fans, bragging rights, and gifts and prizes as well. I experienced this back in 2011, when I finished as a finalist at Write to Done's Top 10 Writing Blogs. It was a pivotal point in my blogging journey.
If you choose to do even one thing differently this year, entering contests should be one of those options. (There's a winner in you!)

3. Blog Karma---Like many things in life, you reap what you sow. I have greatly profited from the many online friendships, creative collaborations, and awesome support I have gotten globally since the launch of Pen & Prosper. There's no way to quantify it; let's just say it has added great richness to the blogging experience.

4. Free Merchandise---Did you know that some businesses and vendors will actually send you free goodies in exchange for a mention or review at your site? I've gotten offers to "test" free software, try out writing related products, and a host of other things. You can too. Depending upon your readership, niche, and the popularity of your posts. If you're interested in doing book reviews, testing merchandise, or helping to spread the word about quality products, you can place an announcement or tab at your site with established guidelines. Just be sure to be ethical and to deal with reputable dealers and organizations for optimal results.

5. Ad Revenue---There's no doubt about it: blogs have become as hot as "Bieber Fever" these days. And with it is the increased exposure it can bring to market products and services for today's businesses. Ad revenue presents a great way to earn "passive income" through your blogging efforts.
It is the ultimate in win/win situations. To examine and weigh the many avenues of offering ads at your site, simply Google "how to make money through blog ads" and see what works best for you.

With a little experimentation (and time), you'll soon discover that blogging can have many rewards and blessings that yield a great return on investment.

Have you had former success with any of these? Did I forget anything here? Do tell.

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  1. Jen, These are avenues I'd really like to explore this year. Thanks for giving us 5 points to consider. It would be nice to have some "passive income," from my efforts. I love to blog but, as you point out, it's sweat equity for the most part. I hope to change that a bit - soon!

  2. Jennifer Brown BanksJanuary 28, 2013 at 1:04 PM


    It takes time, but it's definitely "do-able". Let me know if I can help. :-)Thanks for starting us off today.

  3. I frequently win Writing- & Slogan Contest, and I also occasionally have successes with selling Products and Services by writing about them on my blogs.

    Since lot's of people buy Books Online, I did research about how to write - Book Reviews - and I once also wrote a post titled: 'How to Write a Book Review for your Blog' that actually made it to the Most Popular Posts list.

    So I do believe that there also can be opportunities in Teaching, with things like: Public Speaking, Consultancy, Training, Coaching, producing E-courses, DVD-couses, or giving Workshops.

    Especially when you have a Published Book about a certain topic can give you an Instant Expert Status about your special topic in a way that people might want to ask you as a Speaker.

  4. Jennifer Brown BanksJanuary 29, 2013 at 4:49 AM


    Very good points here. Thanks for offering them up. I appreciate your time and input.

  5. Congrats on your milestone of 400 posts! I agree, there is much more to blogging than meets the eye. I appreciate your insight through these tips, thanks so much!

  6. Jennifer Brown BanksJanuary 29, 2013 at 6:19 AM


    And I appreciate your time and feedback. Here's to a productive, blessed blogging year for us both! :-)

  7. 400 posts indeed is a huge Productivity, for what a return on investment for your efforts is concerned, with so much content it makes me wonder if it might be an interesting idea to also possibly Re-purpose such content.

    For example turn it into a whole - Sales Funnel - with several products such as things like Topic Specific eCourses, Low Priced Special Reports, and a more general larger (e)Book with 'Condenced' info from your blog, and at the Back end higher priced teaching materials etc. etc.

    In a Teleseminar I once heard about somebody that did successfully sell his 'Condensed' blog content in an eBook on his blog, while you could also find the exact same content on his blog for free.

    1. ...Very interesting. Thanks so much for this, H.P.

    2. 'To elaborate a little on this...,'

      I was thinking that besides Re-purposing, it might also be possible to for example make even more out of your Assets by also actually Re-doing Content.

      The possiblities are limitless, for example also possibly offering content in different - formats -. For example besides in:

      - eCourse form, or as Special Reports or eBooks,
      possibly also in Audio Podcast form, or for example as a Slide Show,(Slideshare) or for example as Educational - ScreenCasts - showing exactly how you can do things on your computer. (with for example Camtasia) Possibly even actual Video Presentations, to make it all even more accessable to more people.

      Or possibly even actually Re-doing content to also attract other specific audiences.

      Only I do believe that for something like that you really need to be able to also Outsource loads of things or to become a real - RockStar Writer - with a really big Entrourage, as I wrote about on my Short Story page :)

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  9. I've definitely had success with number one. I scored a blogging gig and a magazine gig because people checked out my blog and liked my writing. It's so easy just to add a link on your application, resume, email, query, etc.

    I was using Google Adsense, but recently stopped when I visited my site from a different computer at work and saw some ads on there that I don't want associated with my site. Google says the ads will be relevant to your content, but that's obviously not always the case. So I stopped using Adsense because my reputation is more important than the few cents I was making. I'm still open to other forms of advertising that I have more control over. Please share any suggestions you might have.

    Congrats on all your blogging success!

  10. Sarah,

    Good feedback and good question. I so appreciate your level of engagement here at my site. :-)

    Here are a few effective methods to consider:

    1. Pitch potential advertisers directly.

    Just like you might with a magazine publisher and editor! First research businesses and authors that might be a good fit for your niche, tone, and target audience. Then find their contact email and introduce yourself...let them know about your blog and why they might benefit from the association.

    2. Place a tab on your site that establishes that you take ads, and any associated requirements-- like price, size, type, etc.

    To get more tips like these, you (and others) might be interested in taking my 2-day class "Blogging for Fun or For Profit"
    @ Coffeehouseforwriters.com, or Email me directly.

    If not, hope this helps. :-)

    1. Great to see that you offer such a 2-day class, I do believe that offering classes are also an excelent way to be able to constantly get a flow of new insights into what your audience wants to learn.