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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Copywriting Tips to Create a Landing Page that Makes Connections and Gains Conversions!



By definition, a landing page is where various link sources (social media posts, PPC advertisements, article directories, etc.) lead targeted audiences and customers. It is the last sales pitch that will either seal the deal or break it for the potential customers.

The effectiveness of the landing page will ultimately determine whether or not the visitor will be convinced enough to go to the website itself and become even just a one-time customer.

The fact that a visitor stayed more than three seconds to check out a landing page means he is at least interested in what the website has to provide, so you as the copywriter will have to give them that final push to acquiescence.
When writing for landing pages, you should therefore prioritize user experience. 

Here are 3 common mistakes that people often commit when writing for landing pages:
1. Making it very lengthy.
Many get the impression that landing pages should contain all the pertinent information about the products or services offered to customers, plus background information about the company or service provider behind it.
Yes, it is necessary that you inform potential customers about what they can get if they choose to proceed to your client’s website and make a purchase. However, if you put every little detail in the landing page copy, you’ll end up with a long-winded webpage that’s going to be tedious to read.
Bet you that readers will not read beyond the fold and will simply scroll down to see how much more they’ve got to go—and if the length’s too daunting, visitors will simply close your landing page for sure.
2. Fluffing it up.
People on the Internet have very short attention spans. They prefer short paragraphs over long ones, and visitors get annoyed when they still have to dig into a page’s content for the information they’re looking for.
Besides, the landing page is no longer the place for lengthy sales pitches. It’s the final stage of the marketing process, the last push that will make visitors decide to become customers.
3. Putting up too many roadblocks.
There are landing pages that contain subscription forms and the like. This is fine because you can use it for building an email list, but if you keep on asking visitors to do something, they will surely leave your landing page. Such requests are like roadblocks that will only distract, if not completely hinder, your potential customers from doing what you truly want them to do.
Concentrate your calls to action for one purpose only—your end game, be that a sale or a membership.
Now that we've identified the things you shouldn't do, let's explore what you must do in order to make your client’s landing page convert:
1. Situate your calls-to-action and the most convincing sentences at the beginning and end of the landing page copy.
Internet users have a habit of reading only the content above the fold and scrolling down to the bottom and the last statements of the landing page.
2. Keep the text short and succinct.
Do away with the fluff; it won’t be read anyway.
Use Google AdWords exhaustively. Keep them diverse and plenty, and don't concentrate on just one or two otherwise Google may penalize you.
4. Your paragraphs should only contain five lines at most, fewer for the very first paragraph.
This makes it easier to read a copy, especially if it obviously goes on a little beyond the fold.

5. Using short but powerful sentences, inform your readers (1) what they can get from you, (2) why they need you and what you’re offering to them, and (3) why they need to get it specifically from you.

6. Empathize with your target customers.
This increases your chance of getting conversions.

7. Include short but glowing and sincere testimonials from real customers.

8. Last but certainly not the least, use very convincing calls-to-action.

All the details you provide, the statements full of empathy, testimonials and whatnot will boil down to you convincing the readers to do what you want them to do.
If you fumble with a poor call-to-action, all that comes before it will be null and void.
Add incentives to your calls-to-action too.

For instance, instead of just using "Buy Now" or "Download," use the likes of "Be a Member," "Buy with 20% Off," or "Get Your Free Copy."
Follow these timely tips to gain more loyal fans and committed customers in 2013.
Emma-Julie Fox writes for Pitstop Media, a Vancouver based SEO Company. Pitstop Media has been helping businesses across North America successfully increase their search visibility. If you want to invite Emma to guest post on your blog please contact the author.

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  1. Jennifer Brown BanksJanuary 31, 2013 at 1:44 PM

    A special thanks to Emma-Julie for this informative post. I definitely learned a few new things here.

  2. Wow, so did I Jen. Landing pages - who knew? We've probably been using them without knowing what they are. But no more. Un-uh. Now we know. Great info and a big thank you to Emma-Julie.

    1. Thanks Susan. Glad you found the post useful:) The way a landing page is presented is indeed crucial for any website's conversion rates.

  3. Jennifer Brown BanksJanuary 31, 2013 at 4:11 PM


    Thanks so much for your feedback. I always dig hearing
    from you. :-)

  4. Thanks for this post, because on my Home Business Blog, on the Start Up - Bonus - Offer-Page, I had trouble with clearly communicating a Message. 'Your post made me realise that I had put up much to many Roadblocks in it.'

    It still might be somewhat Complex since I want to communicate multiple things at the same time:

    1) that you can Bookmark my Blog so that you
    can easily find it back.

    2) tell that you can check out
    a Great Report about Getting Traffic.


    3) tell that (without having to 'Opt-in' for it) you can get a Bonus just for having a look at this Great Report.

    Now I already made some improvements, so let's see if it will help conversions :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you found the post useful. In my experience, making it easy for your readers to follow though with the Call To Action gives them a gentle push in the right direction. Perhaps in your case, you could put the 'Great Report' and 'Bonus' in one Call to action. Adding sharing widgets at the bottom of the post or on the side bar will make it easier for your readers to share and bookmark the post. Hope this helps:)

    2. hpvanduuren, I think that you should be able to achieve 3 goals on your home page, at the same time. I also think that each page should have one single primary goaland the others are secondary. So, you may want to focus on the primary one (define it first). Regarding the bookmarking, I would pop up a nice modal window (CSS pop-ups) only to those who engage with the blog (30 seconds or more for example). Cheers.

    3. Jennifer Brown BanksFebruary 1, 2013 at 11:19 AM


      Thanks so much for adding this.

    4. Thanks for your reply Emma,

      Plenty to think about, and since in the Bonus you can also find an active link to my Blog, that's also somewhat of a type of 'bookmarking'

      So in the future I might just turn it all around, and just only put up the special report that can help attract visitors to your site, and the Bonus. I might also think about a possible other (direct downloadable) Bonus that is more directly related to that special report.

      (although you now already can also discover a - P.S. - with an extra other interesting resrouce about getting traffic only for that one you need to 'Opt-in')

  5. Jennifer Brown BanksFebruary 1, 2013 at 7:08 AM


    Glad we could help with that. :-) Much continued success.

  6. Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know that we liked this article so much we decided to link to it on our blog post here: http://www.instapage.com/2012/06/25/the-5-essentials-of-awesome-landing-page-designs

    You can find it under the #2 tip! Thanks for the great content!