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Friday, May 26, 2023

Book Review* I can't Wait to Love You Forever

Many years ago, I remember my mom sharing with me how my birth was actually the planned result of my big sister’s begging request.  At that time, she had two bothersome brothers, but no sisters.

My sister dearly wanted the “stork” to visit just once more.

In fact, I’m told, that my name was even selected by her when I finally arrived. The thought of this little back story to my personal life story brings a smile, even as an adult.

Truth is, families and siblings have many dynamics. Like a Facebook relationship status, they can be “complicated.” 

Often times, a new addition can bring confusion and jealousy for a child, (particularly an only child) who may feel that he/she will no longer have their parents’ undivided attention. There are so many questions and fears, even.


is a delightful children’s book written by Patricia Eckerman Ambas (beautifully illustrated by Amira Daaboul), that addresses some of these dynamics.  

It tells the tale of little Benjamin and his daily adventures with his mother, who is expecting. The book shares how the mom’s clever and inventive parenting approach puts Benjamin’s heart at ease and ultimately prepares him for his new role as a big brother.

It’s a quick, enjoyable read. In it, the author uses playful imagination and games to warm siblings up to the idea of a baby’s arrival. 

The book “delivers” with great entertainment value and creativity.

Additionally, there is a coloring page offered at the book’s conclusion, for young ones for fun, or to welcome their new brother or sister to the world.  

“I Can’t Wait to Love You Forever” makes for a thoughtful gift or addition to a classroom library.  Get your copy @ Amazon.

Patricia Eckerman Ambas
loves sharing stories – everything is a story waiting to be told! Her interest in languages led her to become a teacher and she has been striving to instill her love for reading with youth for over fifteen years in that role. As a mom of three, bedtime and really, anytime-stories fill her world. She also shares stories with her community in Oshkosh, WI as she showcases the stories of her husband’s family heritage while teaching guests at their family restaurant about Filipino food.

Image credits: Pixabay.com


  1. Aww, it sounds like a wonderful book, Jen! Will have to keep this in mind for future gift giving. Thanks so much for the review.

    It's fun to hear how you were requested by your sister! And to her relief, you were not another brother. Phew! :D

    1. Thanks, Karen. I appreciate your time and feedback.