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Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Valentine's Day Love Letter to my Readers...Part 2

Dear Readers,

Every year, we sadly seem to lose someone we love. I don’t mean to be a “Debbie Downer”  here with this assertion. I only seek to speak the truth. Whether it’s the loss of a celebrity we grew up with; a dear friend; a church member; or neighbor; our circle gets increasingly smaller.
This year, as a point of reference, we witnessed the untimely death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant at the age of 41.

And on a lighter but perhaps related note...how saddened we are when bloggers that we love to read decide to "bury" their relationships with us by abandoning their sites and pursuing other interests.
(I still miss Karen Lange and Susan Sundwall's Blogs).

It’s a sobering reality that has compelled me to give people their “flowers” while they are here with us...to show appreciation. We simply can not afford to take anyone for granted, I am learning.

It is with this mindset that I devote this “love letter” to my readers.
Even though I know that some of you are not really into P.D.A. (Public displays of affection), particularly the guys out there, I hope you’ll allow me to be a bit “mushy” and sentimental today. Consider it as “passion with a purpose.”

We typically associate Valentine’s Day with romantic lovers.
It’s a time that celebrates couples that have committed to each other through words and actions, and intimate bonding.
It’s a special day of Hallmark cards, red roses, sweet chocolates, and heart-felt expressions.
And it serves as a reminder that “love“ is an action verb.
Love needs to be nurtured and acknowledged.
And surely you would agree that there are many forms of love. True?

With this in mind, I thought that it would be a “sweet” idea to take a break from the usual posts here, and pay tribute to you, my dearest readers, (once again) for February 14th.

In the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

1. I love that many of you have been loyal supporters throughout the years.
Some have “followed” me even when I had no idea exactly where I was going!
You’ve been with me through good times and bad, through learning curves and trial and error, through formatting issues and glitches, in sickness and in health. Like romantic love, we’ve truly “grown” together.

2. I love that you represent what’s best about the Internet!
My online readership encompasses people from across the globe. People of an array of races, religions, regions, educational and socio-economic backgrounds and even belief systems.
Some of my readers are not even writers; they simply connect with my personality. I dig that!
You prove that “long-distance” relationships can work!

3. I love that you “woo” me with your comments.
Blogging by nature is intended to be interactive. Don’t you just hate feeling “unheard”? Me too. Your Blog comments help me to feel “heard”. They allow me to know your thoughts, to determine the direction of future posts. They challenge my way of thinking, affirm my beliefs, and broaden my knowledge base. Like romantic love, give and take is important.

4. I love that you make time for us.
There are so many other things you could be doing when you visit. So many other blogs that beckon. Some of you read me on weekends. Some of you check in late at night when the house is quiet, and you have a little alone time. Some of you never miss a week of commenting and connecting. Heck, some of you even read me at work, when you’re not even on break. LOL
Don’t worry your secret is safe. Like romantic love, quality time is important.

5. I love that we encourage each other.
On days when editors’ harsh words forget that there’s a human being behind that rejected submission. On days when our muse seems to be M.I.A. or we post something with minor errors, we understand and forgive.

6. I love that you allow me "my space" when needed.
You realize that periodic breaks are needed for healthy, long-term relationships to flourish.
I must admit, years ago, when I decided to take blog breaks for the summer, I was concerned that people would really lose interest and "un-follow." Much to my surprise, they didn't. In fact, I sometimes gain readers over the summer. I always return from break renewed, energetic and more committed.  Like romantic love, "love is patient and kind."

7. I love that you periodically provide financial support.
Thank you for purchasing my books, products and services. And for those of you who have been slacking or lacking, "there's no time like the present." LOL
Like romantic love, you understand that we are "living in a material world" and writing-related bills need to be paid.

I could go on and on, but like romantic love, it's important to know when to stop talking.
So, on a closing note here, I wish you all a Happy, beautiful, love-filled Valentine's Day!

You are appreciated!



A penny for your thoughts...

Image credits: Pixabay.com


  1. Well, Jen, how did you know this would be a timely and encouraging boost to the week? :D You are a sweet and treasured friend, and I love you much! I do appreciate your love and support over the years. What great fun it's been to get to know you through your blog and other correspondence. I know we could sit down and have tea and talk for hours if the distance between us wasn't such.

    I respect your work and career - it reflects your character and willingness to stay the course. You are an inspiration, and I appreciate your giving heart, lending wisdom and encouragement.

    Thank you for the mention of my blog. I count it extremely high praise that you visited and enjoyed it. I'm not counting out a return to it - I do miss it, or mostly rather the people I connected with. Hoping to resume in the future.

    Thank you also for this lovely tribute to us readers. I suspect that most, myself included, feel the same about you. Sending love and hugs your way. Have a delightful weekend! xo

  2. Aww...your comment brought a few tears, dear. Speechless here. Thanks much, Karen. :-) I cherish you.

  3. Busy days pass into weeks and I still find myself returning to your blog, one of my faves, for inspiration and helpful tips. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Lin,

      Every blogger should have readers like you! Thanks so much for being a part of my blog "family". :-)

  4. Ingmar,

    You are a light in this world. Thank you for shining. :-) Peace & Love.