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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Friday, February 21, 2020

4 Compelling Reasons to Write "On the Fly" More Often

In our efforts to connect with readers, convey important messages and create marketable projects that give us pride, we often agonize over our words.
We ruminate, write, revisit, rethink and rework until we polish our pieces like cherished silver.
Perfction   Perfection being the ultimate goal.

Most of us professionals approach our craft from an intellectual, cerebral, meticulous standpoint.
As we should, to some extent. But sometimes this pursuit of perfection can ultimately cause us to overthink, procrastinate and even sabotage our efforts.

What I have discovered over the last few months, is there is something to be said for writing from the heart as much as the head.  That everything doesn't have to be formally planned first, outlined, researched extensively, or labored over for months on end.

Sometimes "writing on the fly" can truly cause us to soar!
Here are a few relevant examples based upon recent experiences.

As a subscriber to various blogs and writing-related newsletters, I get numerous notices of creative contests, jobs and calls for submissions. Depending upon when I get around to opening my emails and viewing the specifics, I find that I must sometimes play "beat the clock" in order to submit before designated deadlines.

Such was the case with two anthologies that I found really interesting and decided to throw my hat in the ring for over the last few months. One was a project seeking essays on activism; the other was a poetry challenge.
By the time I got the notices, I had to roll up my sleeves and jump in. There was no time to cogitate, debate and deliberate. The clock was ticking.

Much to my surprise and amid some pretty stiff competition, I was just notified that my work was accepted for both! Who knew?
Not only was winning very rewarding, I had a lot of fun in the process. I didn't stress.
You shouldn't either.
Of course this doesn't apply to all writing assignments; but for some contests, writing prompt challenges, blog posts and informal projects, "writing on the fly" can provide a competitive edge.


1. Writing on the fly can challenge us, teach us to think on our feet and move the needle forward on our creative careers.

2. Sometimes, we never know what we can achieve unless we dare to move beyond our comfort zone. "Try it, you might like it."


3. In most situations, some effort is better than no effort at all. We only lose when we fail to try.

4. Risks can bring unexpected rewards. 

Here's an interesting article on planning vs. writing on the fly:


Wrapping things up here

If you have always been a "planner" why not let 2020 be the year when you seek to have more fun, take more risks and go with the flow?
I'm betting it will take you on an exciting journey that fast tracks you to greater success and new heights.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Have you ever had success writing on the fly?
Are you a planner or pantser? Curious...

Image credits: Pixabay.com


  1. Yes to all of this! I've found this to be true, although I still fight the urge to over work at times. For me, sometimes my mindset must be to relax and not overthink. Call it done already, and move on. :) Getting there, lol. Congrats on the acceptances! Thanks for the encouragement. Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks so much, Karen. Definitely trying to "spread my wings" here in 2020! :-) The sky is the limit. Right? :-)

  3. For what writing "On the Fly" is concerned, when I think of writing "On the Fly" I think about things like writing Comments or Replies on Blog posts or Replies in Forums.

    This type of writing frequently can be insightful and help me to formulate things in such a way that I discover new insights or become aware of things that get me a more clear view on things.

  4. Interesting..., H.P.
    Thanks for your time and comment. Good to hear from you.