"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4 Surprising Facts About Guest Posting at "Top-Tier" Sites! And What You Can Learn...

Experts contend that guest blogging is a smart way for today’s blogger to garner greater visibility, establish their expertise, build their fan base, and ultimately their bottom line.
In fact, according to Leo Babauta, creator of the hugely successful blog, Zen Habits, “Guest posting is by far the best way to grow an audience.”
Want to go one better? Score a guest post on “top-tier” sites like ProBlogger, Men With Pens, Write to Done, Tiny Buddha, or other sites with cult-like followings, and you become a member of an elite group.
After all, we are judged by the company we keep.
It’s “social proof” at its best.

And I should know. Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to have my work accepted at Pro Blogger, Daily Blog Tips, Men With Pens, Technorati and Tiny Buddha, to name a few.

But with all the prestige guest posting at prominent sites affords, there are many myths and misconceptions that prevent bloggers from approaching it strategically and yielding optimal results.
In order for guest blogging at these sites to “advance your swagger“ and take you to new levels, you should know what to expect, and how to align your blogging goals accordingly.

With this in mind, here’s what I’ve discovered and you will too:

Guest blogging at top sites offers great pay.

Even though these “rock-star” blog hosts boast six-figure incomes, rarely do they compensate for guest posting. Writers like Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli have championed bloggers getting “pay for their say” (and have led by example), but they are in the minority here. Hundreds of other top sites consider your pay to be the exposure you get from appearing before their audiences.

Don’t do it solely to seek money. Do it to make a difference, or to “make friends and influence people.” Use the opportunity to hone your craft and develop your writer‘s voice into a fine instrument. You just never know what could unfold in the process. For example, recently, I “closed the deal” with a popular blogger for whom I had guest posted a few times. It turns out that he was having difficulty in coming up with future topics to keep his blog afloat. I was able to “sell” him on the idea of creating an Editorial Calendar for him, since I was already familiar with his blog audience and tone.

Guest blogging at top sites brings tons of traffic, that translates into more followers and more sales for your time and efforts.

Not necessarily. Not always. I recently had a guest post published at a site that advertises over 1 million Twitter followers. I was expecting to have traffic at my spot that would rival the Eisenhower expressway during rush hour! Wrong. What I got, according to my Google stats, were two new followers and about 100 more page views in the process.

Sometimes the popularity and size of a blog does not guarantee that you‘ll be a big hit. Truth be told, I have gained more followers and friends with small, intimate blogs than big, successful ones. A lot depends on the blog culture, how many other blog posts are appearing on that same site on the day of your debut, and how active the blog community is. Here’s a case in point. A few years ago, when I guest posted at Pro Blogger, it surpassed my expectations and my previous efforts with other blogs. Not only did I experience almost double the page views at my site, within 72 hours, I had three businesses to contact me with offers of future work. One hired me subsequently.

“Big name bloggers” are difficult to connect with, very busy, and unapproachable.

Categorically speaking, most that I have come in to contact with have been very kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and eager to see other bloggers succeed. James Chartrand, for example, (though demanding), has a good, playful sense of humor. No matter how busy, most of the top bloggers will minimally issue a rejection and note of thanks.

You just never know until you try! Don’t let fear keep you from forging forward in 2015. Guest blogging has mutual benefits; so there’s no need to feel as if you’re imposing when you make your pitch. The best strategy is to research blogs that align with your creative strengths and writing style. Then go for it.

You have to be “well-connected” or in the “inner circle” to land a guest post at
top-dog sites.

Though some site owners now require that you be a member of their “tribe,” subscribe to their blog, or take their online classes to guest post, most don’t.

As long as you submit a blog post that is well-written, applicable to their blog audience, consistent with their guidelines, and provides great take-away value, your odds for publication are just as good as anyone else’s.
Now that I have shared with you a few “insider’s secrets” to guest blogging at
award-winning sites, hopefully it won’t seem so mysterious, intimidating, or unattainable.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your visibility, your confidence, and potentially your Google Rank too. Carpe diem!

Your turn.
Any surprises here? Have you ever landed a guest post on a top site?
Is it one of your blogging goals?


  1. Guest posting isn't really among my current blogging goals, however the time might be right for it to start thinking along those lines, because occasionally I get invitations to participate in Teleseminars and things like that.

    Since I also write in several Forums, I could possibly write guest posts about topics that I already know to get many views.

    1. Jennifer Brown BanksApril 11, 2015 at 9:56 AM

      The possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing,H.P.
      Keep me posted. :-)