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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Pen & Prosper's 5th Annual Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy Holiday Season!
Today I'm unveiling my picks to add to this year's shopping list, just in time for Christmas. As part of my popular, annual holiday gift series for writers. Yay! Move over, Oprah.
Some of these "faves" have been recommended before. And with good reason: they are consistently recognized and requested from writers around the world as things they value.

Whether you are looking for an item for yourself, or one to bestow to a fellow writer or mate, I've got you covered.

So, let's begin with what Jen recommends...


You can't go wrong with journals and stationery for writerly folks. Journals help to capture future story ideas; chronicle important events and timelines; pen personal feelings for discovery and growth; and even to make simple "to do" lists. You can order them online at Amazon.com or pick up some pretty and affordable choices at your local Dollar Tree store.


For most writers, tea or coffee helps to get off to a good start and fuel the day.
May I recommend Teeccino's Chicory Herbal Tea here? It's a great french roast blend that is 100% caffeine free and has a nice robust flavor. To order, visit their lovely site here:


If you like to be "creative," you can express yourself in the kitchen, through thoughtful homemade baked goods.
Trust me; they'll make a lasting impression.


For the special person on your list who enjoys an array of goodies and trinkets, this gift rocks!
I like to make them with various themes. You can too.


Recently purchased this item from my local Meijer's store and I love, love, love it! Kudos to Sunbeam for this very well-crafted, comfortable, functional item. It has 3 heat settings and a built in pocket to place your feet. How cool!  I have numerous throws; as I find they are great to decorate and accessorize the home. This one is definitely among my favorites.


Spirits are one of the quickest ways to get in the holiday spirit! They make great gift items. And you don't have to break the bank to impress. According to Martha Stewart on the DABL network, "You can purchase a nice bottle of wine for about 7 bucks." Don't forget a pretty decanter for that special added touch. I've typically scored some good brands at Aldi's.
Take a look at what they offer at their site:



Good writers are avid readers. For this reason, books are always an obvious choice. Here's how to get more bang for your buck. If you enjoy (and benefit from) my blog, you'll dig my ebooks. They teach today's writers how to work "smarter, not harder" and make more money.
To learn more or order, visit Payhip.com here:




Plants for me, are the equivalent of pets for others. Though I didn't really cultivate my "green thumb" until later in life, so glad I did! I have plants "residing" in many rooms of my house. Aside from the aesthetic appeal they provide, they have many health properties as well. Read about them in this informative article:



There's no doubt about it. Calendars help to keep us on track and mindful of those important client deadlines. Everybody uses them. Consider ordering a photo calendar from Vistaprint with a relevant theme for the recipient.



As mentioned before, I am a big music lover. And I'm betting I'm in good company here.
Good music is timeless. Wouldn't you agree? Whether it's classical, spiritual or hip-hop, I tune in weekly. Here is a selection from "Feels like home" that is worth listening to and purchasing.

Well, there you have it: Jen's "what to get list" for 2019.
Happy shopping!

Your turn.

What would you choose among suggestions listed?
What would you add?


  1. These are all excellent ideas! As you may have guessed, journals top the list for me for any occasion. You never can have too many! :) Of course, tea makes a great journal companion, too. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration, Jen!

  2. Hi Karen,

    You're quite welcome! Happy Holidays to you and yours. :-)

  3. All good suggestions. I'm trying for some baked good this year, too, but the clock is ticking and I'm already overbooked. I may have to with one of your other suggestions.

  4. Either way, sounds like a "sweet" deal, Clee. :-)

  5. Great gift ideas. The one I can never get enough of is throws. I have several in a variety of weights, patterns, and textures. The one that feels like bunny fur is my fave, but I'm willing to check out your recommendation. Every writer appreciates a journal or book. Hope your holidays are blessed and you aren't too stressed.

  6. Thanks so much, Lin. I hope you do. Have I ever steered you wrong before, dear? :-)
    Holidays are o.k. so far. (She says with fingers crossed). :-)

  7. Thats a great gift guide for the Holidays!

    Personally I especially like the JOURNALS,

    I use many different special purpose Notebooks & Journals, for example for Travel Writing, and an other for Genaral Writing, to write down more general notes for writing projects, Blog post ideas etc.

    Also see my Writing Blog blog post from some time ago;

    Journaling Source of Inspiration

    I also have a Special Note book for Making Music, noting down thing like ideas about…., you guessed it..., about Making Music.

    Infact I also make Graphical Designes and actually designed many Journals myself!

  8. Thanks, H.P.
    Good to hear from you again.

  9. I see that you also mention - BOOKS - and that you
    offer your own ebooks!

    I also offer my own ebook, although it's not many pages, so it's more like an ereport that I (co) wrote.

    It's about Making Money with Digital Photography,
    where you can read about how we use our Photography for our Designs - ON - Products that we sell online.

    Not so long ago from the Travel Products we did sell a - Peru Travel Destination Notebook - and most recently a - Peru Corkscrew - we also did sell several other products, and we recently created

    Several Other New Designs made from our own Digital Photography.

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  11. Correction here: the song "Come away with me" is featured on the CD of the same title. I recently purchased it. :-)