"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How to Finally Juggle With Less Struggle in 2019

 For a more progressive writing career

Like most writers, my days are filled with endless demands and limited resources.
From D.I.Y. projects around the house, to clients’ creative projects, to family needs, to weekly blog obligations to my growing readership.

Despite my never-ending to do list, I manage to get a lot accomplished, stay profitable, and experience a good feeling of satisfaction along the way.
And you can too, with these tips for better time management and smart life strategies.

In 2019 the goal should be to “work smarter, not harder.” Are you with me here?
In keeping, below are a few practices and principles to put in place for optimal success. Lessons that I have mastered to stay in the game and ahead of the competition.

(6 Tips for greater success)

1). Get organized.

Consider the following statistics:
  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that 80 percent of filed papers are never looked at again.
  • The National Soap and Detergent Association believes getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of the housework in the average home.
  • Harris Interactive reports that 23% of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them.
Clutter can compromise your efficiency, cause stress, and keep you from moving forward in your goals.

2). Limit time spent on social media.

Social media is undoubtedly a great way to stay in the loop, pitch clients and promote our projects and books. But moderation is the key here. Have a plan. Will you do it daily? Weekly? For how long? Ideally, you should devote one day a week for an hour or two.
To enhance your efforts here, buy a kitchen timer and use it often.

3). Rise early.

There’s great validity to the expression: “The early bird catches the worm.” I’m usually up and on my computer at 6 a.m.-ish on most days. Doing so allows for fewer distractions and a fresher perspective. I also apply this to running errands in the morning. You’ll typically encounter shorter lines and shorter wait times. Try it, you’ll like it!

4). Prioritize properly.

I work before play. Tackle paying projects before I work on my blog. And I keep a weekly running calendar that allows me to examine “the big picture of things” before making any time-related decisions. I would highly recommend the same for you.

5). Don’t let emails pile up.

Address important things in a timely manner; be courteous but brief; set up online folders through your Yahoo mail account for easier reference and follow-up.

6). Learn to say “no” and set appropriate boundaries.

Besides being very liberating, used properly this can be a great time saving device and minimize angst.

Follow these six timely tips for greater gains and less strain in 2019.

Image credit: Pixabay.com


  1. Hey Jennifer --

    Great post. It made me breathe easier just reading it.


    1. Great to hear from you today. Thanks so kindly, Steve.

  2. Getting organized can feel impossible in a home office that doubles as a guest room. My "organized mess" (stacks of files on my desk) causes stress and takes me more time to locate what I need. It would be great to finally find a system of organization--I think that should be a goal for 2019! Thanks for the nudge!

    1. You are very welcome, Melanie. Appreciate the feedback.

  3. Excellent advice! Planning on working smarter, not harder this year. Thanks for the tips and encouragement. Always timely!

  4. Karen,
    Always love connecting. Thanks for your thoughts today.