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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, March 28, 2016

5 Ways to Add More Value to Your Blog Posts

Think of your blog as you would any other "investment property."
It involves time, maintenance, attention, upkeep.
The more you put into it, the greater R.O.I. (return on investment).
One way to do this, is to create blog posts that have value, substance, visual appeal, and that fellow writers like to share.

In this post-holiday post, we'll look at a few ways to enhance your current offerings.

5 Tips, tools and techniques to consider:
  • Humor--- Bloggers, you don't have to always be "stuffy" to show you know your stuff! In addition to addressing serious topics, timely issues, and ways for writers to improve their writing techniques, why not take a humorous approach, or share a funny story when applicable?  My blogging buddy Linda O. at "Write From the Heart" and Susan Sundwall at "Sundwall Says" are perfect examples. Even best-selling author and Pastor Joel Osteen starts each weekly sermon with a joke. 
  • Statistics---Stats give your pieces credibility and show that you've done your homework. Instead of saying "A lot of Americans get divorced" say: "According to statistics 50% of marriages end in divorce." Stats are to a story what condiments are to a hotdog.
  • Writers' markets and resource links---Though writing for many of us is a labor of love, the opportunity to earn an income is definitely a plus. For this reason, Calls for submissions, ongoing markets and anthology projects are popular with writers of all genres. To practice what I preach, below I've included a few worth checking out:


Call for Queries: Short & Sweet
WOW! Women On Writing welcomes queries for their upcoming e-zine issue (issue 69) on the theme of "Short & Sweet."

Deadline for Queries: April 10, 2016

This issue is all about short word count, tight writing, and having fun doing it!

Ideas include:
  • Market Profiles - Interviews with editors/publishers of paying markets with a small word count (literary magazines/e-zines, contest markets, etc.)
  • How-tos on the craft of writing for a particular short word count market or genre (picture books, devotionals, poetry, flash, fillers, reviews, greeting cards, gift books, recipes, etc.)
  • Quick tips on craft of writing/revision/editing
  • How to do something faster and easier (faster article writing, marketing, audience building, collaborating, blog building, book publishing, etc.)
  • and more!
    Get more details at Women on Writing: http://wow-womenonwriting.com/


    Provides a weekly listing of positions and paid opportunities for writers each Wednesday.
    See this week's listings here:


    Effective as of winter 2015, I now pay for blog posts! It's a small amount, but hey, it will keep you "rich" in chocolates. Blog posts of 250-700 words accepted and published at this site, pay $10.00 upon publication. Send completed pieces to Gemsjen@yahoo.com with short Bio and one link.

  •  Anecdotes---Sharing short stories that speak to your experiences as a writer or that have a universal message, draw readers in and help keep them engaged.
  • Quizzes---"Test your knowledge" quizzes are fun, revealing, and add variety to your posts. Here's a site that provides quizzes on a wide array of topics and categories: http://www.quibblo.com/blogger-quizzes-surveys  quizzes can also serve in conjunction with theme-based contests and give-aways.

Use these five timely strategies to add value to the blogosphere and take your blogging efforts to new heights in 2016.

Thoughts? Any other ways you've added value to your blog posts not mentioned?

Image: Freedigitalphotos.net


  1. These are excellent ways to boost interest and add value to our blog posts. Thanks for the encouragement, and also for the links. Have a great week! :)

    1. My pleasure, Karen. Always luv hearing from you. :-)

  2. Jennifer, Thank you so much for the mention! And the paying market and resource links. No wonder you're considered one of the most worthy blogs around. There's always something to learn here.

    1. Wow, thanks Sue!
      That was such a great endorsement; I feel like I should write you a check. :-)

  3. He Jennifer, I found you on WOW today while reading their newsletter and I'm so glad I did. I have a blog that needs some TLC, but I noticed your anniversary offer is closed. Consider me your adoptive sister because I'm sticking around. Thank you for all the valuable info.

    1. Hi Laure,
      Welcome! What a sweet comment. It's a pleasure to have you here, "sis." :-)
      Although the anniversary special has indeed expired, please get in touch at Gemsjen@yahoo.com
      I'm sure we can work something out. :-)

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