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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday's Goodies-Links of Interest, Calls for $ubmissions & Announcements


It's been a a busy week here. As mentioned earlier, I'm putting the finishing touches on my new poetry book, slated to be released this fall. And of course, the painting projects, yard work and gardening never ends...

So today's post will be brief, but substantive.
(By the way, if you'd like to announce your book, creative contest, virtual tour, blog anniversary or good news, please share in the comments). I always love to hear from you.

Are you a poet seeking venues to perform your work, conduct a workshop, or share your love of the arts with library patrons? Book That Poet provides directory listings for poets across the country to schedule performances and sell their books. A one year listing is just $12.00. For more details visit:

Too busy to submit your poetic pieces to magazines or journals?  You'll definitely want to check out the placement opportunities afforded by Poemfactotum.com. No hourly fee- just flat, reasonable rates.

Chicken Soup for the Soul is accepting stories and poems on various inspirational topics. Their "Angels and Miracles" edition seeks to share "miraculous stories" and extraordinary life events. Deadline is September 30, 2015. Visit their site for full submission guidelines.

Do you have a "success story" on how you broke into a specific writing market, landed an agent, placed a guest post on a top-tier site, or signed a lucrative publishing contract? Writersweekly.com wants to hear from you.  The publication pays $40.00 for around 300 words. 

On the 1st Wednesday of each month, you'll find a listing of current calls for submissions provided @ Literary mama. Many are paying markets.

Congratulations to Marcie Hill for the recent publication of her book, "The 7 Practices of Highly Underpaid Freelance Writers."

Kudos to mystery writer, Susan Sundwall, for the completion of her third book in her popular mystery series. More details at a later date.

Did you know that August is "What Will be Your Legacy Month?" That's right. Many activities, events and book signings are being held to educate and inspire others to share their life stories, lessons on love, and family dynamics. For those of you who are memoir writers, this is a great time to promote your work. If you're a blogger, why not share a favorite family recipe passed down from generations and sage sayings offered by grandma? The possibilities are endless.

A special thank you to Karen Lange, whose recent "Tweet" landed me a link as a featured blogger on The Food Daily's Art section yesterday.
And an additional thanks to all of you who take the time to "Tweet" my posts and share my work via your social media circles. Words can not adequately express my appreciation. Keep it up!

Last, but not least...

Pen and Prosper will take a brief break from August 22nd to September 7th. Be sure to join me then, for "hot topics," cool contests, guest posts, and tips and tools to grow your craft and increase your cash.

Have a fabulous Friday, folks.

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  1. Useful news for poets and poetry fans—thanks a lot for providing these updates!

  2. Wink! Thanks for the shout out, markets, and everything else you do for us, Jennifer! Enjoy the break - you sure deserve it. =0)

    1. Thanks, Sue. Your words here are like salve to my soul :-)

  3. Thanks so much for the links and info. Will have to check them out. Thanks also for the shout out. It's no surprise that your work got noticed and shared. :)

    Congratulations to Marcie and Susan on their good news! Cheering you on to the finish line with your poetry book. Enjoy your break!

  4. Have fun doing whatever you plan. Thanks for the links.

    1. Thanks so much, Lin. Sorry I was not able to locate that link for the greeting card publishers before.

  5. First, congratulations on your forthcoming publishing book. Second, thank you for announcing my forthcoming book and the accomplishments of other. I'll let you know when my book published. And lastly, these writing resources are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I appreciate the feedback and the update, Marcie. Thanks for chiming in today.

  6. Jennifer - congrats on your upcoming book! when you get back from your well deserved break, perhaps you can share a post on your tips to creating a book even while you keep the wheels turning on a successful blog!
    My heartfelt thanks to you too for giving me the opportunity to be a guest here as I have found guest blogging a great way to extend my readership and may I share my very good news = I have been asked to be a regular freelance writer for a large network and am now writing 6 posts a month on the topic of daily living with vision loss at blindness.about.com - my warm welcome to any of your readers who may like to take a peek over there too.
    Have a great break and look forward to more soon, Maribel

    1. You go, Maribel! I couldn't be happier for you. :-) I'll certainly consider that post. Wishing you abundant success with your new gig!

      It was great to reconnect.