"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get a Gig! Where to Find Your Next Blog Job...

Some folks view blogging as a way to showcase their writing, or solicit support for an important cause. Others see it as a forum for rants and recreational pursuits.

It can be all these things, depending upon the blogger and his online goals.
But one of the most beneficial aspects of blogging is getting pay for your say!
That's right. There are businesses, organizations and individuals that will pay you for your perspective; some will even compensate you to help them promote their cause, or to connect with potential buyers, readers, and influencers.

And I should know. Over the years, I have held many of these positions, creating an additional income stream from freelancing.

With this being the case, I'd like to share a few sites and job boards to increase your options and your bottom line.

For optimal results, follow provided directions carefully, and remember to read the fine print.


1. Problogger---Lists an array of jobs, many with better than average pay.
2. BloggingPro---One of the first places I actually scored a job. Has a very diverse listing of tech and creative positions as well.
3. Craigslist.org---Provides quite a few jobs with low to no pay, but also has some very profitable prospects as well; if you have the time and patience to weed through them.
4. Simply Hired---The verdict is still out on this one. I've only applied for one job here, and do not know the outcome as of yet. Worth a try, still.
5. Virtual Vocations---You can sort by geographic location, or by industry.
6. The Muffin---Featured through WOW's award-winning site for women.
7. Freelance Writing Gigs---A sizeable collection of weekly positions, in addition to helpful articles on the craft of writing and running an online business. 

I should also mention that there are many blogs that also pay for guest posts. The Renegade Writer and Make a Living Writing, last time I checked. But, do your homework here. Things change quickly in this industry. :-)

There you have it, folks. With over 500 posts at Pen and Prosper to help you hone your craft, this one is dedicated to helping you increase your cash as well!

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May the rest of the week be the best of the week!


  1. For an aspiring writer and blogger like me, this is a very helpful article to search for 'bread n butter' avenues . Thanks for putting this together Jennifer.

  2. Shubro,

    Welcome! I'm so glad to have you join us. I hope you find much success with the leads provided. Keep us posted. Thanks again.

  3. Mmmm, looks like good places to find blog work, only wouldn't it be possibly more profitable to - as you can see happen in the Internet Marketing World - to create and offer Private Label Rights Content?

    For example things like PLR; - e-Books, - Special e-Reports, - e-Courses, - Articles, - ready made Newsletters etc. etc. that many clients can easily find on a site or blog to buy?

    More like a Business instead of a Job?

    1. Sure, that's perhaps a viable option as well. Thanks so much for the input. :-)

  4. Yes, this post is useful! :) Appreciate the links. I've visited them all except for The Muffin, so will have to check that one out. Haven't checked the others out this week, so I must do so soon. Thanks so much!