"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Join Me in Honoring Women's History Month Through the "Roar Series!"

"I am woman hear me roar!" -Helen Reddy

As many of you are probably aware, the month of March is nationally recognized as Women's History Month.
And I couldn't be more excited.

To celebrate, each year, Pen and Prosper devotes this month to showcasing the gifts, talents, wisdom, accomplishments, and collective "awesomeness" of women across the globe...
Women who are trendsetters, trailblazers, and true kindred spirits...
Women who are making a difference through their words and through their works.
Accordingly, I invite you to join me here as we amplify women writers' voices through the "Roar Series."

Save Time
Intuit Your Success
by Maribel Steel
“I feel there are two people inside me –
me and my intuition.
If I go against her, she'll screw me every time,
and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.” --Kim Basinger

How often have you felt caught between logic and intuition when making decisions?
Your reasonable thought process will measure outcomes, deduct and analyse all the pros and cons of a situation and then come to a decision. Intuition by its very nature will kindly ask you to reconsider the minds logic.

As women, we possess a direct perception of truth known as the sixth sense. When we act upon sensory messages coming from a reliable internal net, this is viewed by male companions as changing our minds rather than listening to our inner voice. Its a gift to know when to act on valid advice, independent of reasoning.

Even though women have an amazing ability to tap into a deep sense of knowing, we can still fail to listen closely to the wise voice encouraging us towards our personal goals. Its part of being human. We want to make the right choices every time.

I wish I had paid heed to my sensory perceptions a few months ago, when I found it difficult to make choices about rebuilding my website. Intuition was asked to remain silent while my mind furiously processed all the right rules to achieve success.

I think it was because I felt too inexperienced in the blogosphere to trust my internal dialog when there was a global community of experts inviting newbies to feast at their table of free advice. Of course I would come to the party!

Within seconds of asking the great Google-oracle to fire up its search engines, there were several blogging gurus on the screen dishing out good solid advice.

The steps were simplified. Just follow the prompts to success and all my marketing and design problems would be solved.

Sure. Why not? Download a course or three, read another dozen posts, join the not-to-be-missed webinar, sign up for daily newsletters. Intuition could rest assured, knowing that pretty soon Id have all the right tools and clout to design and market my website.

The only problem was: my mind slipped into a mud-bath of confusion.

Like a little web-piggy, I went in search of more and more free food for thought. I followed so many bloggers and writers dishing out oodles of great treats, it didnt take long to engorge the mind.

Before long, personal taste had been numbed by spicy-advice. I wasnt sure who to agree with they all had fabulous ideas.

Creativity suffered because I was trying too hard to mix a cocktail based on the successful sweet blend used by other writers and entrepreneurs around the world. I lost the balance between the knowledge of the experts and my own feelings for intuitive design:

So this little web-piggy went all the way home, which wasnt very far, and collapsed into a heap. Once the mind was quiet, intuition spoke kindly to my heart lets play and create together, OK?

Turn up the Volume Listen to your Heart

So when you are seeking a direction, a boost to your creativity or looking for ways to intuit personal success -

*Trust you know more than you think you do

*Use your playful nature to create

*Follow your gut feelings even when you cant explain them

*Act when you have clarity of inner vision

*Disengage from logical argument when the heart wants to rule

*Cultivate self-improvement, not perfection life is a work in progress.

By trusting your sensory-impressions every day, choices will become clearer. Your creativity will be inspired and you will be led to take the right steps with confidence to achieve your outcomes.

Follow the only real voice of authority your intuitive self!

Heres a Link to an article worth reading by Dr Helen Fisher, PhD who writes -
“When to Listen to Your Gut...and When Not To”


* During the month of March, we are celebrating International Womens Day. Wed love to hear in the comments below how you use the mighty female power within to intuit your daily decisions...

Maribel Steel is an author and inspirational speaker. She is legally blind and mentors people to see beyond limitation to a place of possibility. Maribel lives in Australia and writes content for her two blogs and regular guest articles that appear around the world. Join her on the sensory journey and discover a different perspective in the world unseen.



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  1. Maribel is correct, we must listen to our hearts, because there are too many so called experts. I've always taken chances and broken rules with my writing, usually with good results. I listen to my intuition.

    1. ...And it's obviously worked well, given your track record, lady! :-) Thanks so much for stopping by and starting us off. Have a great week ahead.

  2. I agree, Maribel. I often forge ahead with an idea because there's something telling me it's right. I do my best to turn off the second guessing going on in my head, for I am usually on target when listening to my heart.

    Jen, thanks for sharing Maribel with us!

    1. It was my pleasure; thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I can definitely relate to Maribel's trying to get a hold on the Internet. I felt the same way and simply scaled back. It got too taxing. I just do what feels right. We can never do what all the experts advise and it takes so long to read their posts...we are drowning at times! So, it's good to fall back on our intuition! Well stated, Maribel!

    1. Jennifer Brown BanksMarch 3, 2014 at 5:15 AM

      "Do what feels right." Sage words indeed. Thanks for chiming in today. :-)

  4. Hello ladies, it is reassuring to know you are all able to trust your sensory perceptions, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Jennifer, my great pleasure to be a guest here & I look forward to hearing the next woman to roar in this series. Best, Maribel

    1. Maribel,
      They'll have a "tough act to follow." Thanks! :-)

  5. Wow, great insights! Thank you, Maribel (and Jen, of course =0)

  6. Me too! Jennifer, love your post at end of my article on lessons in the kitchen - 6 tips we can all relate to as writers...I like the one about keeping our work space clear as it really does make a difference to having freedom to create and being able to enjoy an uncluttered desk where the mind can think - that's the goal at least!

  7. Thanks so much, Maribel. Not to mention, messes make stresses!