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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Does a Blog With Multiple Contributing Authors Dilute Your "Brand?"

I've seen an increasing trend these days in my weekly online Blog travels.
It appears that in order to expand areas of expertise covered and lessen the blogging load, many bloggers are bringing on board contributing authors and posting as a collective team.

Some popular examples would be Inkwell Editorial, Writers in Charge, and Biz Chick Blog.
I suppose it's an option that many of us have at least briefly considered, in terms of our strategic direction and blogging approach.
Perhaps you're one of them.

If so, today's post will address some of the pros and cons of blogging individually vs. blogging as a member of a group.

If you're on board, let's get started...

What exactly is your "Brand?"

Simply put, your brand is the identity or reputation associated with you and your product. 
In this particular instance, we're dealing with your "brand" being who you are as a freelance writer and blogger.
There are many different aspects involved here. Your logo is part of your brand. Your slogan is part of your brand. Your style is part of your brand. It distinguishes you from others.

Here's another way to look at it. Neiman Marcus would be associated with high-end merchandise, while the Dollar Store's brand would be inexpensive items that offer great savings by being economically priced.

Now, let's look at the difference between accepting Guest Posters and having Contributing Authors as it relates to branding...

Few would argue that having multiple authors periodically share their views and "voices" is beneficial to a blog and its readers. Essentially, it provides diversity and a more well-rounded reading experience. In fact, it's one of the reasons that Guest Blogging remains so popular. Hello?

But there is indeed a difference between having a guest blogger to pen a post every now and then, and having different bloggers write pieces on a weekly basis.
The most obvious being that one situation is temporary, whereas the other is more long term.
Also to be considered is that contributing authors not only contribute to your blog's offerings, but to your blog's overall online image. As such, there's more to be factored into the equation of whether or not you should participate in this type of blogging model.

Some might contend that when it comes to blogging, "the more the merrier."
Well, it depends.
Here are some pros and cons to consider to team blogging:

  • The opportunity to collaborate on blog ideas and strategies. There is some truth to the adage, "two heads are better than one."
  • The potential for the lead blogger to take time off from blogging to pursue other creative projects without a lapse in coverage for readers.
  • Variety for blog followers and the general reading audience.
  • Being able to capitalize on other team members' areas of expertise.
  • Increased traffic due to the other members' collective fan base and media circle following.
  • Though less time is spent by the main blogger in writing posts, more time has to be devoted to reviewing and editing posts--which then becomes more like "project management."
  • Others bloggers may not necessarily share your vision or your sense of urgency.
  • Readers may not "engage" with or like the other personalities featured. Or, they may like them more.
  • Your blog becomes less about you and more about the "flavor of the week" so to speak.
From my perspective, here are a few types of blogging set ups where multiple authors work well:
  • Crafting blogs
  • Poetry blogs
  • Photography blogs
  • Cooking blogs
  • Parenting blogs
  • Commentary blogs
  • Reviews blogs
  • Shopping blogs
  • Relationship blogs
Though there is validity to the expression, "There is strength in numbers," when it comes to blogging, more isn't always better. Choose wisely.

Your turn. Thoughts? Agree or disagree?
Do you read any group blogs?

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  1. I agree, more isn't always better. I think a team blog can be a good thing for the right topic and writers, but it's like any other joint venture. Individuals must be on the same general "page", must have the same vision, and perhaps most importantly, get along well. Great food for thought!

  2. Good feedback, Karen. It works for some, but not everyone. Thanks so much for starting off the discussion.

  3. Hhmmm, let me think... I have written some guest posts for others, but I never had anyone post on my blog... I wonder why not? Never thought of it. I do interview other bloggers regularly though, so as to connect.
    I must admit that sometimes I am simply not in the mood to do a lot of blog hopping. When I go to Karen's, I want to find Karen there... do you know what I mean? But on the other hand, let's work together if we can.

    1. Hi Marja,
      How lovely to hear from you. I agree, when I visit a blog, I typically do so with the hopes and expectations of finding that writer there.
      Thanks for your time and your thoughts.

  4. I enjoy an occasional guest blogger, but prefer to find the person I'm looking for at home, so to speak. I prefer a nugget now and then rather than a diluted blog.

    1. I think many would agree here. Always a pleasure to connect, Lin:-) Thanks for taking the time to weigh in.

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  6. Great topic, currently I don't work with actual Contributing Authors, only since my Sister has a real passion for reading Books, today - and since I had some success with this in the past - today I actually did make a (new) attempt to capitalize on her area of - Book reading - expertise,

    Not as a Contributing Author, more as 'Contributing Advisor, Trend Watcher' or 'Book Reading Consultant' to discover Recommended Books, to write a blog post with Christmas Gift Ideas :)

  7. H.P.,
    Good to connect. I've missed hearing from you. Lovely that your sister can help to support you in this area; we should all be so lucky. Right? :-) Thanks for stopping by and adding to the chat. Happy holiday!