"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I'm Reading...And You Should Too! 4 Terrific titles for your personal library

Summer reading is a popular pursuit for many writers. Whether it's time spent bumming on the beach, at the local coffee shop, or on the front porch swing, with a cool glass of lemonade. But, truth is, there's really no bad "season" to "uncover" the joys of reading--summer, spring, winter,or fall.
Are we on the same page here?

Literature expands our horizons and our knowledge base. And it's a "must" for those of us who seek to make a living penning words. In fact, a few months ago, much to my dismay, my burdened book case actually collapsed right while I was working on my computer in my corner office. Weary from the weight of dozens of how-to books, recipe books, writing manuals, college text books and reference guides, it just buckled at its knees.
Still, it seems every time I go shopping at yard sales, thrift stores, or malls, I end up adding another one to my collection. Go figure. LOL
Which is why I'm excited today to share some of the books that have excited and delighted me over the last few weeks. Some are new treasures, while others are old favorites.
Here's what Jen recommends:
  1. Your Best Life Now---By: Joel Osteen
There's a reason why this popular TV pastor has millions in his "flock." He's an eloquent speaker and author. In former years, Barbara Walters chose him for her prestigious annual "10 Most Interesting People" round-up. In this book, Osteen imparts 7 steps to maximizing your potential and living with more purpose and peace. It's an easy read enhanced by great quotes, anecdotes, and thought provoking questions. Discover what the "buzz" is about.

2. Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn---By: Shay Simmons, Kelli Simpson, Joy Ann Jones
 If you like poetry, you'll enjoy this anthology of over 100 poems by three fierce, female poets on a variety of topics and relationships. I love the clever titles, the range of expression and emotions, and the many poetic forms here. Sure to make you laugh, think, and reminisce.
3. Chicken Soup for the Soul, Reader's Choice---By: Canfield, Hansen, Newmark 
 It pays to have good blogging buddies. :-) This title was sent over by Linda, A.K.A. "Chicken Soup Queen" in conjunction with her recent contest at Pen & Prosper. True to the Chicken Soup tradition, it's a warm collection of dozens of inspirational stories penned by people of all walks of life, with trials, tribulations, and victories---from which we all can learn. You'll find stories that are simple with great impact. (Note: Linda's is on page 31.) Over the last few months, I have amassed various titles in the series for one important goal: I want in! :-)
And my goal is to have at least one story accepted in 2014. Until then, I'll be up to my eyeballs in chicken.
4. Think Big and Kick @ ss---By: Donald Trump  
 As many of you may recall, I'm a huge fan of Trump's hit reality show, "Celebrity Apprentice."
Not to be confused with being a big fan of Donald Trump's. Anyhow, I copped this one from my local library, just to tap into this icon's perspective on business, life and success. Though I don't agree with all his advice, he does share some points worth pondering. Also to the book's credit, is that it includes surveys, key points, and frequently asked questions.  Definitely worth a book look. 
Well, that ends today's chapter on book reviews.
Your turn. What books are you reading? Why do you think it's important for writers to read?
Do tell. :-)


  1. I'm so pleased that you liked our poetry book! Thanks so much for the shout out, and you're right--there is no wrong season for books!

  2. Welcome, Fireblossom!

    Poetry is my "first" love and I always enjoy rekindling those old flames. :-)

  3. Jennifer--First, I'm glad you enjoyed the poetry book. Shay is brilliant, as are the other two poets.

    I'm just beginning Picoult's "The Storyteller." I couldn't resist...

    Writers have to read to fill up their wells.

    1. Sioux,

      A special thanks to you for giving me the 4-1-1 on this book!

      Keep me posted. It's important to give good books the exposure they deserve. :-)

  4. For what books I am reading is concerned, on my blog you can actually discover a blogpost titled: 'Inspirational Blogging About Books'

    In that post you can read about a special book review blog, and a book review I recently wrote for it.

  5. I am reading C. Hope Clark's, Tidewater Murder. I feel as though I know some of her characters. I am also reading Not Your Mother's Book...On Home Improvement. This is not a repair manual, although you may have to repair your mascara from laughing so hard at the mishaps in this anthology.

    1. Hmm...interesting. Let me know how you like Hope's book; I may order it. Thanks!

  6. Will have to check these titles out. Didn't have time for much reading this summer, but looking forward to reading more this fall. Thanks for the tips!

    1. So many good books, so little time. Right?! :-) Thanks!