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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Free Speak * Is it possible to be "Overly" Promotional in our Marketing Efforts?

"Moderation in all things."

The experts tell us that in order to build a platform, create a buzz about our books, and have our blogs read out of the gazillion choices that confront online readers daily, we must promote. And promote. And promote.

So we "Tweet" our peeps. We spend hours and hours on Facebook engaging in "face time".
We do email blasts to anybody and everybody, (and their momma) who has connected with us through emails within the last decade.

We toot our horns, wag our tails, and shout it from the rafters: read me. Choose me. Follow me.
Link to me. Look at me.

But does it ever seem to be ...well, a bit much?
Have you ever grown tired of folks who constantly bombard you with emails and links to all their success stories, guest posts, and items for purchase.

Well, to tell you the truth, I have. :-)
Heck, sometimes I've probably BEEN that person. :-)

How about you?
Don't get me wrong here; I'm stoked to hear about other writers who have sold a story, garnered an agent, won a contest, or written a book.
Who can appreciate the effort and sacrifice that this requires better than another writer? Hello?

But sometimes in all this connection, there's no real connection. No meaningful exchange.
Things seem fast, forced, and frantic.

Is there a better way?

Not to mention, I've had situations when I've worked with guest posts from other writers,  (in providing their accompanying Bios), whereby this section had a higher word count than their actual submission.

Which begs the question...Should there be limits or boundaries to our promotional efforts?
When is too much?

How do you "get known" without getting obnoxious?
What standards or guidelines do you apply, if any?

Do tell. :-)

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  1. Jennifer--I don't know at what "point" it's too much, but I DO know it when I see it.

    Just yesterday I read someone's story in an anthology, and their bio took up a whole page. Yikes!

    I also wonder: if we're spending oodles of time promoting our writing, do we have any time to write?

    I guess when it's not a joyous activity, you've reached the "too much" mark.

    1. Sioux,

      Great feedback. Sometimes I've had "successes" whereby I may get 3 or 4 acceptances back to back. I hesitate to "share" it sometimes, because I'm thinking it will come off as too much. So I try to be selective at times (about the how and the when to disclose).

      Thanks for weighing in and starting us off. Much appreciated. :-)

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  3. I'm so new at this author business that I'm still finding my way.

    A book launch is one time when a writer is totally expected to be out there in a big way. In between, regular news of personal doings unrelated to writing helps prevent overkill.

  4. Valid point, Susan. Indeed it is. Appreciate the input here. :-)

  5. This makes me think about how in the Music Business A&R People have lot's of people that want to "get known", and that want to get attention for their Demo Recordings,

    For example I do believe that when you come flying in with a Parachute, and land on their roof to deliver a demo recording, you do make a statement that you have something you believe in, and that your are pretty motivated to make it work :)

    Although while even than it might not be the most effective approach, chances are that than at least you do get noticed and get 'On the radar'. It probably also depends on both sender and receiver, sometimes shouting can be effective, sometimes whispering can make people listen more carefully to you.

    For example in my school day's I once had a teacher that (without to much results) contantly was shouting to get it (more) silent, while an other teacher only had to stop talking to get it silent again.

    1. H.P.,

      I dig what you're saying here; sometimes the "method" of delivery determines how well the message is received. Thanks for your input.

    2. What 'Shouting' is concerned, with Greeting Cards
      you frequently see 'Big Shouting Words' near the top
      of a card for it to be albe to get noticed in a rack. (to give it - Rack Impact - as they call it in the Greeting Card Industry)

      The same goes with Magazines, Magazine Covers,
      usually have an attention grabbing Image, together with some attention grabbing headlines with topics you can expect to find in it, that can help you to discover topics you might like to read about.

      Since my blog has a different Angle & Approach than many other Writing Blogs, I recently did a re-design, and did make an effort to better communicate, in a somewhat Magazine-style way, what you can expect to find on it.

      (In the process I re-discovered that you can actually find some practical content on it that I almost forgot about :))

    3. H.P.,

      Interesting tidbits you provide here. Thanks much. I'll check out your site too...soon.

  6. It's a balance, that's for sure, but it is hard to know how to do it right and when to call it enough. I am not a fan of social media for social media's sake. It's a good tool for some things, but I don't like the whole TMI aspect either. Still working to get it right with my own writing. I wonder if the old saying, "Less is more" applies more often than not.

  7. Karen,

    I like your way of thinking on this; sometimes "less is more."

    Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  8. I was just mumbling some of this to myself the other day. I really, really don't want to be a "buy my book, buy my book" harpy. I may have even seen a few friends duck real quick down the grocery aisle to get away from a possible onslaught. Ugh. But Karen is right. Balance. So I do other writing for a while and concentrate on that. But I'll be back. Oh yes I will. Especially if the second book gets picked up by my publisher. Timely post, Jen.

    1. Sue,

      You are too funny, girl. :-) As I said, I HAVE been that person. But part of our success is marketing our "wares" true? Balance is key. Great to connect again today. Always a pleasure.