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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

10 Ways to Promote Your Book on a Dime!

Like it or not, selling is a big part of your role as a writer. No matter how great your product, or how passionate you are about what you‘ve created, it will not reach its full potential unless you get in gear and get the word out!

(“Don’t it make your brown eyes blue? :-)”)
The good news is that you don‘t have to be pushy or possess a sales background to be effective.
Just think smart!  

Here are 10 creative ways to boost your exposure, save money, and work smarter, not harder .
Take advantage of the many free online book listings for writer. www.bookhitch.com for example, will feature your book on its site for no cost, allowing you to potentially market to thousands of readers.
 Send a 4-1-1 to your Alma Mater.
Many colleges have alumni newsletters to publicize the success stories of its graduates. Yours could be the next one!

 Use online brag boards.
Several Ezines have sections devoted to "good news" and success stories for writers. Why not capitalize on it? Two popular ones are www.writergazette.com and www.thedabblingmum.com.
Or Google "writer's brag board".
Write articles for online article directories.
Make sure to include your recent book titles in your bio and/or blurb. www.ezine.com is a great avenue for writers wishing to establish their expertise.

Submit your book to reviewers for a write up.
 And get free publicity in the process. 
 Alert the media!
Write a one page, engaging press release and submit it to your neighborhood newspapers. You‘ll be considered a local hero! 
  Throw a book launch party! 
They're the rage! Book launch parties are a great way to connect with multiple buyers and celebrate your publishing success with friends and family. You can conduct one in the privacy of your own home, or at a local gathering spot. Give it a theme. Send out cute invitations that also mirror the theme of your book. Have close friends to donate a dish. And on this gala celebration, don‘t forget the cheese and wine. 
 Make it a family affair.  
Enlist the help of your spouse and/or kids in helping to promote the book amongst their inner circle. After all, your success is their success. 
 Send release notices and order forms to all the folks in your address book. 
Offer a discount, or free shipping and handling as an incentive to buy. Make the deal for a limited time only-- so they‘ll act now. 
Toot your own horn.
Chat people up while in the doctor‘s office, waiting in line at the grocers, or at the local P.T.A. meeting. And always keep copies of your masterpiece on hand. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth in creating a buzz.

And here's a bonus option to consider: many writers are now participating in "virtual tours" which allows them to line up several sites to do guest posts, interviews and give-aways within a month's "scheduled stops" at targeted high traffic blogs. (I've hosted a few at Pen and Prosper that served as a win/win situation.)

As publishing dollars shrink, today's author has to expand his marketing efforts and assume more responsibility for his own "bottom line." 
Don't let that discourage you.
As they say, "Anything worth having is worth working for." Right?

Thoughts? Ever have success with any of these methods?

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  1. Jennifer--This was a fantastic post. You offered me some ideas/sites I was unfamiliar with.

    (Could you be convinced to do a book review on a certain book of poetry? I hope you finally got it. ;)

  2. Hi Sioux,

    Glad you liked the post! You can thank Susan Reinhardt for suggesting it as a topic via the "Just Ask Jen" forum. :-)
    Yes, depending upon my time and schedule, I would consider penning a review on the poetry book. I should have it in hand by tomorrow. :-) Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    I've had quite a few formatting issues with this post, so your comment made it worthwhile. :-)

    Note to readers: please excuse any formatting errors today...glitches, etc.

  3. Good tips, Jen! You're right, current social media helps so much with marketing. I've hosted numerous authors' blog tour stops, and that's always a good way to keep the party going! One thing to remember is that if you cannot fit a blog tour post into the allotted schedule, most authors are open to featured posts later too. Publicity is ongoing, as you know, not just when the book makes its debut. The fun just never ends! :)

  4. So true, Karen! I appreciate the feedback. Much thanks!

  5. I like your points. I have a problem with one of your thoughts. I attended a college for three years; I did not graduate. Would it be kosher to alert the school, any way?

    Also, I might add, a friend of mine was interviewed by our local news paper for a story about her first book.(At the time one of hers was published, she underwent radiation treatments. She carried copies of her book with her each time she went. And, yes, she made a few sales.

    1. Hi quietspirit,

      Thanks for your input. Sure, alert the school, by all means. It's possible that your book and your ilfe's experience would fit into a class offered or serve as a speaking engagement for a sorrority or club. It all depends on how you "spin it."
      You never know until you try. What have you got to lose? :-)

      Good to hear about your friend; writers should always carry their works with.

  6. As always, a generous post for your readers. Book give aways also entice readers. Thanks, Jen.

    1. ...And always a pleasure to connect with you and get your feedback. Muchas gracias! :-)

  7. Thanks, those are some great promotional ideas,

    Some years ago I published a tiny little ebook, (see the About page on my blog) I even got some actual positive Readers Feedback by email from some of the people that bought it.

    Possibly inspired by the Readers Feedback I might create a slightly Bigger, Better and Improved version in the Future.

    One of the things that worked a few times with promoting it, has been selling it to people that wanted to sell something to me, simply sending them a reply mail with my offer :)

    1. H.P.,

      Cross selling can sometimes work. Thanks for the
      feedback. :-)

  8. Jen, I didn't get past the Book Hitch link. Went right over and signed up! Thanks so much for the tip. Love this post (yes, I came back and finished it).

    1. Sue,

      You go girl! Glad you liked. :-) Keep me posted on any new developments.

  9. Hi Jen -

    Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to check out the Book Hitch link.

    My publisher alerted me to a Facebook page called, "Christian Authors." It's an open group, and we're able to post about our books and various events. About 12 people liked my author page as a result of that connection.

    Thanks again,
    Susan :)

    1. Susan,

      How awesome! Wishing you the best and much success. :-)