"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Think Pink! Five Fabulous Sites Written by or For Women You Should Read...

Okay, Pen and Prosper Peeps. Some of you may recall, that last month we took a look at some of the best books written by or for women, in honor of Women's History Month.
I also promised that, to round things out, we'd give tribute to some bodacious blogs with the same objective as well.

For this reason, I am posting two separate entries for today's session, and hope that you'll find something worthy of connecting and commenting.
Especially considering I have my Sunday dinner in the oven at 350 degrees right now, am working on creative projects, spring cleaning, and really demonstrating my multi-tasking skills this
weekend.  Oh my! :-)
Anyhow...back to the subject at hand.

I read a lot of blogs. Though my busy schedule doesn't allow me to visit my favorites as often as I would sometimes like, I try to check in as much as possible. There's no doubt about it: my Blog roster is very diverse, folks.
Book-marked sites include niches ranging from lifestyle, to creative writing, to cooking, business, and even education.

And yours should too. I firmly believe that a well-rounded reader makes for a better writer.
Wouldn't you agree?

With this being said, here are a few awesome sites that you'll want to discover and add to your weekly round-up, (if you haven't already).

1. Biz Chick Blogs
Though I don't typically like a site that has a slew of categories, this one is done well.
Tia touches base on everything from business, to travel, to food, to writing. It's fun, fierce and informative. And the design works. Seeing is believing. Visit her at Bizchickblogs.com and discover what the buzz is about.

2. Happy Momentum
To reach a more "Zen-like" state, for years I've tried to practice Yoga and meditation. I have yet to master it. Still a student in training, I find that reading about these disciplines can be enlightening as well. Which is why I'm a fan of this site.
Happy Momentum, is written by Caren Baginski, a Yoga instructor, who lives by the philosophy that "Everything is going to be okay". I love the simplicity here, as she shares strategies on how to focus on things that are important for a better quality of life. See if you agree.

3. Ina Mae Greene Foundation-For my Sisters
This organization seeks to empower women who have been victimized through domestic violence, by providing resources, educational programs, events, and literature. It's an important cause that merits awareness and support, as founder Darlene Greene gives women of all walks of life, renewed hope for a brighter path. Domestic violence touches the hearts and homes of so many--from Hollywood celebrities to working women. Even if it hasn't impacted you directly, chances are, you know someone for whom it has.

4. Kelley Highway
I always enjoy my journeys on Kelley Highway, because I never know what she'll explore.
First off, the design is cute and clever, and I'm loving those diva shoes displayed in the banner.
I also love the vibe, the recipes, the cute quotes, the approach. Need I say more? Stop by, say hi, and see what she's up to this week. I'm betting it'll be among your favorite blog stops in the future.

5. The Possibility of Today
The possibility of today was created by former attorney and Harvard graduate, Sybil Chavis. Chavis and her husband decided to engage in a simple act that had major impact. They vowed to give up complaining for 40 days. This ushered in a new way of thinking and a new way of life. Read how having a paradigm shift and a positive mental state can transform your relationships, your career, and your overall perspective. You'll find a lot of interesting topics, resources, and posts worth pondering here.  Imagine the possibilities!

Thoughts? Any sites you'd like to add?

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  1. I agree; it's beneficial to have a diverse reading list. Thanks so much for sharing these links. Will check them out.

    Happy Monday! :)

  2. Hi Karen,

    Happy reading! Please let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to 5 new sites. I'm especially curious about The Possibility of Today.

    1. I think you'll love them all. Have I ever steered you wrong? LOL Thanks for spending time with us today, Sarah.