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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Popular Anthology Series Helps Women to Share Their Stories and Offer Support

There's great validity to the expression, "Everybody's got a story to tell."
Young or old, rich or poor, male or female, none of us are strangers to the trials, tribulations, vulnerabilities, and "growing pains" that are part of the human condition.
We can all relate to situations of love, loss, family, dreams and disappointments.

And though we are united by our similar struggles and life's experiences, we each have a different lens by which we filter those experiences. We each have a unique perspective, and a distinct voice.
We each hold a different piece to the puzzle.
Which is why it is so important for us to share our stories.

This small act has great potential to provide healing, hope, and a sense of solidarity. And, sometimes helps to maintain our sanity in the process. :-)
Storytelling is a powerful art, that when done well, has the ability to transform lives.

Because of this, I am proud to present to you, as our final Women's History Month, tribute, Vicki Ward. She is the editor of a popular anthology for mature women from across the globe.
Women who share tales of love, overcoming obstacles, spiritual "miracles", dealing with inner demons, battling doubts, and more.
Some of the women are professional writers, while others are everyday people who are passionate about sharing a little wisdom, from a "been there, done that" perspective, to help "sisters" feel empowered, understood, and supported.


Her essays and poetry have appeared in several anthologies and collections. A former entertainment writer, covering live concerts, and stage plays, her literary focus shifted to writing books about women’s needs and concerns.

Ward edited Life’s Spices from Seasoned Sistahs, an award winning anthology from the voices of mature women of color. She followed that releasing Savvy, Sassy and Bold after 50, a handbook for maturing women packed with financial, health, and retirement strategies for fabulous females reaching midlife. She has also presented empowerment workshops at women’s conferences and universities. Now retired, she writes full time focused on strategies to empower maturing women to navigate a new phase of their lives.

Ward earned her Bachelor’s Degree in management from St. Mary’s College of California, working for many years for a California Superior Court, managing a diverse staff in a variety of management positions, ending her career as the Juvenile Court Administrator. She is a member of the Independent Publishers Association, Northern California Publishers and Authors, Vice President of Writers Resource Center, and owns Nubian Images Publishing in Brentwood, California.


 Life’s Spices from Seasoned Sistahs received the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award, The Bronze Award from the Independent Publishers Association, and Best Anthology from the Los Angeles Black Book Expo. Savvy Sassy and Bold after 50 received the Best Women’s Self Help Book Award, and an Honorable Mention from the Northern California Publishers and Authors.

The new anthology, "More of Life's Spices: Seasoned Sistahs Keepin' it Real"- full of stories to live, learn and laugh by, is slated for release on May 18th.
To find out more or for ordering information, (as the project unfolds), visit www.nubianimagespublishing.com.

 Have you ever participated in an anthology project? Would you recommend it?
Any questions here for Ms. Ward?

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  1. Jennifer Brown BanksMarch 31, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    A special thanks to Vicki for providing a platform for all women to be heard. "There is strength in numbers."

  2. Jennifer Brown BanksMarch 31, 2013 at 8:55 AM

    On an unrelated side note:

    I intended to include a post on fabulous female sites this month, with associated links. However, we ran out of time here. Look for it next week instead!

    Thanks again, Vicki for sharing this with us.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Thanks for the intro, Jen! This is a wonderful and fitting finale to the Women's History Month celebration. :)

  4. Hello! I've been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

    Here is my website - Yaz lawsuits

  5. Thanks for sharing Ward with all of us! I'm excited about having new material to read. It's so important to continue creating platforms for women and people of color to express themselves.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I too am excited about our new collection coming out next month filled with women's authentic voices! Check it out.

  6. It is indeed. Thanks for weighing in today on this, Sarah.

  7. Hi Jen,

    I'm just getting caught up on my comments. Thanks for sharing this interesting post about Vicki and her publications and many achievements. Such talent! I will check out some of the anthologies soon.

    1. Yasmin thanks for the encouraging words. I'm sure you'll enjoy the anthologies.

  8. Yasmin,

    I can attest that they are worth the read. :-) Thanks for your input here.