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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Keep Your Favorite Bloggers Motivated (and why you should)!

No matter how much you love something or someone, chances are, sometimes you just need to feel appreciated.
Am I right?

Imagine, if you will, a husband who never gives roses to woo his wife.
Or a boss who provides a paycheck but never a positive word of encouragement.
Or a friend who never hears the word “thanks” for the moral support and joy he brings.
Or a mom who goes unrecognized for her daily sacrifices.

No doubt, there would be a feeling of being taken for granted or undervalued.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s face it; every relationship requires a little give and take to go the distance.

My point? Glad you asked.
Lately I’ve been making my blogging rounds, and there seems to be less activity in the way of comments and conversations, even on popular blogs. Some bloggers may even witness a decrease in traffic numbers.

Maybe it’s the dog days of summer that makes folks sluggish, or in need of a break.
Or perhaps readers are just really busy meeting the daily demands of life.

Still, your favorite bloggers need to be motivated too, Charlie Brown…:-)
(Consider this. Most of us leave tips even when we've gotten bad service.
We do so because we recognize what it means to the person receiving it.)


Most of us spend a great deal of time with blogs and their owners. The average “serious” blogger puts in 2-6 hours a week. Multiply that number by a month, then by a year.
That‘s a whole lot of sweat equity invested.

They share their time, expertise, personal stories, photos, resources, recipes, heart and soul, to entertain and enlighten us. For free.

Some of them blog faithfully, even through health issues, family problems, financial woes, computer mishaps, deadlines with editors, and traveling…oh my! :--)

Do they get anything out of the deal? You betcha’.

For their sweat equity, they yield, the joy that blogging brings.
They enjoy unexpected “friendships”. They get to expand their platforms.
And, if they’re lucky, they get a little recognition along the way.
But, some get burned out and hang up the towel because there was not enough to sustain them to go the distance.
In fact, some of my favorite bloggers have done so.
And they left a void in the blogosphere.


Leave a comment.
Sometimes “good job” is better than no response at all. Besides, blogs by their very nature are intended to be “interactive”. And we love to hear from you! How else will we know whether or not we’re “missing the mark”. :-)

Share their link.
Sharing is caring!

Purchase their books and products.
If you like their blog, chances are, you’ll enjoy their books or classes.

Nominate them for recognition through contests and awards.
Contests like Writer's Digest Favorite Blogs, or Write to Done's annual competition, to name a few.

Send them chocolate.
(Okay, that’s just me.):-)
Though I doubt that any other blogger would object.

And while we're on this topic, let me take this opportunity to show my gratitude for your readership. Particularly those of you who have followed me when I wasn't even sure where I was going. :-)

Not to mention, those of you who keep the "conversations" going by leaving regular comments. It keeps me going. Really.

'Nuff said.
Your turn. Agree or disagree? Thoughts?



  1. I agree! I think there is much sowing and reaping on both sides of the blog fence. It is time consuming to maintain a good blog, and it takes commitment and a whole lot more, and not just on the writing side. I'd have to say blogging is similar to raising a child. Only children usually grow up and leave home. :)

    These are good tips, Jennifer. Thank you. Have a great weekend!

  2. Karen,

    While preparing my post recently, I discovered through my blog's analytics and stats, that I had posted over 300 blog posts, since the beginning of Pen & Prosper. Whew! LOL

    Thanks so kindly for coming along for the ride. ;-)

    You are appreciated for your loyalty and consistency.

  3. I agree, there are certain blogs I read without fail. Those are the ones I really like, something they say resonates with me. I need to be more faithful in commenting on the ones I read and then leave.

    1. Jennifer Brown BanksAugust 4, 2012 at 12:11 PM


      I hope mine is one of them :-) It's so lovely to hear from you today. Hope all is well. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. This is such a positive and encouraging post! I've noticed as well that there are fewer comments and posts lately. Maybe it's summer, maybe it's people getting tired of the blogging routine, I'm not sure but let's hope it gets better with cooler weather.

    1. Jennifer Brown BanksAugust 4, 2012 at 12:25 PM


      I'm encouraged by your words! The blogosphere shouldn't be a ghost town. :-) Like you, I hope things improve.
      Much appreciation for making the time and effort to leave your "footprint". :-)

  5. For what leaving tips is concerned....,

    - Also because the Fun of Discovering such a possiblitiy, and of a facination for the technology behind it - on my Writer's Lifestyle Blog (that Btw. has a focus on Blogging and doing Affiliate Marketing) on it you can actually find a 'Like this Post, then Buy me a Coffee'-link that you can use for donations. (There is also an actual Donate Button on the Great Links page.) I do think that this can work both way's as a Mutual Support System,

    For example when you also have a Donation Button on your own Blog, and I see for example because of something you did, I experienced a sudden spike in my amount of Vitisors that also actually rusulted in some extra sales, or I really liked a Blogpost you did etc. etc., than chanses are that without any obligation, and also because it's a rather 'Hassle Free' system, I might become somewhat motivated to donate a little here and there, since I am not against your prosperity. I do think that that way it migth be possible to create - Mutual Support - and Win/Win situations.

    1. Jennifer Brown BanksAugust 4, 2012 at 12:38 PM


      I am always intrigued by your comments. I like the "Buy me a coffee idea." Thanks so much for your consistent feedback. Means much.

  6. Excellent points! Your posts are always useful, encouraging or motivating in some way. Thanks for that. And I have no objection to chocolate. ;)

    1. Modern Day Disciple,

      Your words are like music to my ears. I'll be looking for an "encore" soon. :-) Thanks!

  7. Thanks - I needed a reminder to show appreciation to others and to look for it in my own. (I would accept chocolate, too!)

    1. Phyllis,

      I can relate. :-) I certainly don't mean to imply that I always comment on my favorite blogs.

      Unfortunately, I don't always have the time. But I try to show support by sharing their links and supporting their projects. Sometimes it takes so little to mean so much.
      I really appreciate you for adding to the mix here.
      Wishing you a year filled with much chocolate. :-)

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    It must be summer. I am sluggish, and I know others who say the same. I know you are right. It is nice to know that others read your blog, but it is a gift to receuve a comment. Thanks for the reminder, wise one. Hope you have a terrific week.

  9. Jennifer Brown BanksAugust 5, 2012 at 5:10 AM

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for thinking of me. It's always a pleasure to hear from you.
    My week has been blessed. :-)

  10. Hi Jennifer,

    This was such a thought-provoking post for me. So many times when I've thought about giving up on blogging, there comes along a thoughtful comment with new knowledge or points of view that I had not thought of. Also, your post got me thinking about the fact that there are many "shy" readers out there who, while they enjoy our blog posts, just feel too timid to leave a comment. As well, from my stats, I see that I get hits from so many different parts of the world, and I think about the fact that perhaps persons whose first language is not English may not feel confident to comment. Lastly, your post made me resolve to comment more on as many blogs as I can, going forward. Also want to congratulate you on passing the 300 post milestone!

  11. Yasmin,

    More than you know, I appreciate your insightful comments.
    I hadn't thought of any language barriers as being a contributing factor. I do think though, that more than that, many people just don't recognize the value of their feedback.

    Blogging is all about connecting. That's why bloggers "go public" in terms of sharing their words and works.

    Besides, no need to fear. Blog owners are not English teachers, nodding their heads in disapproval for minor errors made and grammatical issues.

    At the end of the day...we just want to hear from our readers. :-)

  12. ...And last, but not least...
    Blog comments provide benefits both ways.
    From my experience, it's one of the best ways to leave a "virtual trail" back to your own blog spot. It's how I got Michael Corley and H.P. as valued followers, according to what they have shared here at Pen & Prosper.

    It's a win/win situation for the giver and receiver. :-)

  13. Hi Jennifer!

    Just wanted you to know that I *shared* your blog on Pinterest on a board I call, "Writer Sites Useful." Here is a link to that Pin, http://pinterest.com/pin/189291990558775506/

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.


  14. D7ana,

    You're a doll! Thanks so very much. :-)

  15. Jennifer, an article on the etiquette of reading (not writing) blogs would be helpful. I love the articles you write for FundsforWriters, and now follow your blog too. It is only very recently I realized that the blog is what you call "interactive", and leaving a comment is plain politeness.

  16. Jennifer Brown BanksAugust 19, 2012 at 4:54 PM


    What a wonderful idea for an article. I just might pen that! Thanks so much for reading my work at Funds for Writers and following my blog too. Already you've made a great "first" impression. :-) B/T/W Love your name.