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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Writing "Green" Can Keep You in the Black!

"It ain’t easy being green" states Kermit the Frog.
But green is really what you should be if you want to expand your portfolio and stay in the black as a successful writer.

Nobody likes to admit it, but sometimes the “green eyed monster” and a little friendly competition among fellow scribes can motivate you to move beyond your comfort zone and ultimately make more money.
It’s the age old philosophy “if she can do it I can too!”

Here’s what I mean.

Like most veteran writers, I continually set creative goals for myself and sometimes use other authors’ success as a barometer for my own. And you should too. Let’s face it, after awhile it takes more than a byline and a few bucks to keep you upwardly mobile.

For example, a few months ago an associate of mine announced that she had found an agent to accept her manuscript. I was really happy for her. Who knows better than another writer about the perks and pitfalls of this business?
But then a funny thing happened.

Not long after her disclosure, I found myself dusting off my self help manuscript that remained dormant under my bed for three years, after being rejected a mere dozen times by editors at different publishing houses.
I’m in a good place again.

Another case in point is my work that appears online in a popular database of articles for writers. At last viewing, my “competition” had one piece reflected in the “most popular articles database” to my two. At one time she had three to my one. It reminds me that “status” can be fleeting in this business, and you can’t rest on your laurels.

So here’s how you can keep pace and earn more pay than ever before!

1. Aim high.
Choose a few writers you admire, (either your peers, or those you consider to be on a higher level). View their online credits and Bio. What have they been successful at that you’ve not attempted? What publications have they penned pieces for that might be suitable for your type of work? If they’re full-time and you’re part time, that could even be a goal. My targets? Shaunna Privatsky, Kathryn Lay, and Wendy Burt. I love their passion and productivity, and am inspired by their accomplishments. I like to think of it as success breeding success.

2. Collaborate.
As the old expression goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em join em.” Either way, there’s money to be made and additional exposure for your work. Why not reach out to someone whose work you admire and see if he or she would consider working together on a creative project? It’s a great opportunity to pick up a few “insiders’ tips” along the way.

3. Know that greater heights are within your reach.
Keep in mind that your writing “hero” was once where you may consider yourself to be. Let their success be the spark that ignites yours.

Keep these pointers in mind as you strive to reach a higher plateau in your career. You’ll love how you look in green!

Your turn. Agree or disagree?

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  1. I agree! These pointers are good, and now have me thinking...:)

    I like the idea that "greater heights are within your reach." Thanks, Jennifer!

  2. I like the idea of Collaborating, for example some years ago I have done a course on Screenwriting, and I like to think about things like for example Formats for tv-series, for example for things like a Sitcom etc. etc.
    (I also actually have a 'Maturing File'
    with a few ideas.)

    As far as I understand such series frequently are written by a Writer's Duo or with more writers Collaborating. Having a General Guideline like for example a Charakters Dossier with a description of the Charakters, and some of the Places the scenes usually take place, something writers can use to work on. I do think that something like that can also be a lot more Fun than working alone.

    'Teamwork Wins the Race'.

    It's also a great opportunity to Complement each other.
    Also Currently on a Book Review Blogs of mine I aim to Collaborate with the Readers and have them Participate by giving an opportunity to Writing their own Reviews (Comments)

    1. Jennifer Brown BanksMay 23, 2012 at 9:00 AM

      Hey there, HP,

      Collaboration can produce great success. As they say "two heads are better than one."
      Always good to hear from you. :-)