"Required reading" for today's smart writer.

"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me...

1. My favorite color is Black.
2. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony brings me to tears.
3. My mom "guilted" me into being a writer (my mom’s a smart lady):-)
4. I’m generous to a fault.
5. I’m very selective about my friends and my clients.
6. I love karaoke.
7. In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching game shows and making gift baskets.
8. My zodiac sign is Cancer.
9. If I weren’t a writer I’d probably be an entertainer or a college instructor.
10. I was once chosen (from 100s of women) to audition for a famous basketball cheerleading team.
11. One of the most endearing things that a man can do for me is prepare a home-cooked meal. I love good food and stimulating conversation.
12. I have a fear of flying.
13. I’m a fiercely loyal friend. Most I've had since high school or college.
14. It surprises people that I'm a really good dancer (really).
15. I’m extremely hard working.
16. I have a celebrity crush on Keanu Reeves and Michael Ealy.
17. I drink at least 3 cups of tea a day.
18. I’m a neat freak.
19. Poetry is my first literary love.
20. People underestimate me. (I’m a shrewd strategist.)
21. Watching cooking shows relaxes me.
22. I have a reputation for being brutally honest.
23. One of my long-time goals is to play the guitar.
24. I make a "mean" meat loaf.
25. I'm "geographically challenged". I tend to get lost easily.

I actually got the idea for this list from Andrew from We Build Your Blog, who got it from someone else, and I thought it would be fun to try. He did 50 on his list, but I didn't want to bore you to death. :-)

Any comments? Any surprises?

Image: dj Codrin


  1. Jennifer,
    I enjoyed learning more about you. We have a few things in common. One being that we are both Cancers. Cool! :) Take care!

  2. Jennifer Brown BanksJune 16, 2010 at 8:09 PM


    I should have known! Cancers love food and teaching others. I'm in good company.:-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Many were surprising, but I haven't known you all that long, so can I claim that as an excuse? :) I suspected that you were hard working and generous, and if I'd thought about it, would have guessed you were a loyal friend. This is a fun thing to do. I'll check out the link (thanks) and maybe I'll give it a try.
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Karen,

    How sweet of you to say. :-)
    I actually had fun with this. Do try it, and let me know when you do, so I can check it out. It adds another dimension to the "person behind the blog", I think. Thanks for your thoughts!

  5. Ah, watching cooking shows. Addictive. Nice to all hear this about you!

  6. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. I really do appreciate it. Great post here and I'm thrilled to learn new things about you, also, on my comment on my blog (reply to yours) -- one thing I went over was technical experience. If you ever need help with anything technical, let me know, I'd be more than happy to help.

    Great blog here Jennifer, love the design, will bookmark this blog and keep myself updated.


  7. Jennifer Brown BanksJune 17, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Hi Pamela!

    Good to hear from you today! Hope all is well in your world.:-)

  8. Jennifer Brown BanksJune 17, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    Hi Karl,

    It was my pleasure! Hope to see you here again. And you just may hear from me soon with tech questions. :-) Thanks much!

  9. Jen:

    Thanks for the honest list.

    I loved "One of the most endearing things that a man can do for me is prepare a home-cooked meal. I love good food and stimulating conversation." I agree.

    Also, IF I'm ever in your area, I look forward to some "mean" meatloaf :)



  10. Steve,

    It's good to see you here. And you're definitely on for that "mean mean loaf" meal if you're ever in my neck of the wood!

    Have a Happy Father's Day weekend!

  11. OOps, that should have read "mean meat loaf" meal. :-)

  12. Uh, yeah, about #9. What type of entertainer? I only see you as totally scholastic with a little poetry on the side.

  13. Marcie,

    Your comment made me laugh. I needed that this morning.:-)

    Actually I'm not always "scholarly". I'm a mysterious woman of many talents. Hence my book titled "A Paradox in Pink".

    Shows how much you know...:-)

    Seeing is believing---until you see me do live karaoke, I guess you'll be among my doubters. lol
    Thanks girl for stopping by!

  14. Love this post Jen!
    I found out many new things about you and a few I suspected. Not surprised that you are a loyal friend, brutally honest or hard working. Though, I have a hard time believing folks underestimate you.
    Take care,

  15. Thanks, Nikola! It's always good to hear from you.:-)

  16. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is also my favourite. A film on Beethoven showed how he composed this symphony (being deaf) while sitting on a mountain top and watching thundering and lightening that made the initials of the symphony.
    The other 24 things are also fascinating. Nice listing.

  17. jalalHB, thanks for stopping by and weighing in!
    From your profile it seems we have common musical tastes somewhat. I'm a big fan of the Carpenters and Neil Diamond.:-)

    I wish that I could have seen the film on Beethoven. Sounds like it was very interesting.
    Glad you found my list fascinating.:-)

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  19. Jennifer Brown BanksFebruary 20, 2011 at 4:57 AM

    Thanks forex morning trade. Much luck!