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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

How This Blog Once Landed Me a $1000 Monthly Gig!


“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”--WILL SMITH

Let’s face it: for many of us, blogging is truly a labor of love.

What compels and sustains us week after week, month after month, year after year is not the expectation of great fame and fortune, but the simple desire to connect with others and share our passion, pain points and experiences.

“There is strength in numbers.”


When I started blogging back in June of 2009, at the urging of a New York agent (who turned down my book proposal but praised my writing ability), it was with a great degree of reservation. You see, I have always been more “cerebral” than social; I’m typically more at home with concepts, theories and project management than people. 

So, I didn’t know if I had the personality or “voice” to command an audience and a regular following. Particularly with so much competition and ongoing online conversations.

Still, I have always really enjoyed helping people and I have a broad knowledge base and experiential background from which to draw. Not to mention, the reminder that the New York agent suggested blogging as a means of building a bigger writer’s platform to increase my odds of acceptance in the future. So, I jumped in, fear and all.


The first two to three years were tough and slow. The word “brutal” comes to mind. Though I worked diligently and consistently, I did not draw many followers. In fact, there were so few that they could comfortably fit in a broom closet. With the broom in it!  I considered giving up multiple times. But, on the plus side was the fact that my followers were loyal and their comments and feedback to my posts were encouraging and inspiring. Additionally, I had invested too much sweat equity to just throw in the towel. I needed to see things through.

The 4th year was a pivotal point in my blogging career. Things started to turn around. A bigger, more recognized blogger included my site in his recommendations of the “100 Best Blogs for the Modern Writer.” 

People began to take notice. This designation increased my visibility, my traffic and my confidence. I was finally considered one of the “cool kids.” 

I received a “top writing blogs” honor for seven consecutive years after that.

To quote a popular song: “You’re nobody until somebody loves you.”


In November, 2020, while perusing my emails, I came across a business pitch. The email invited me to join a pilot program for content creators that paid a guaranteed monthly payment of 1,000 dollars for just a few hours of my time. Initially, it seemed too good to be true. I thought it might be a scam. So, I did what most serious writers do: I researched it. There were no red flags, so I accepted their offer and came onboard shortly thereafter. 

Talk about a game changer! It was categorically one of the easiest, most rewarding jobs I ever landed. 

I was ultimately discovered because of my blog’s quality and consistency.  Somebody was noticing without me knowing. Go figure! So, I encourage you to not give up amid the many blogging obstacles and challenges you will face along the way. The lack of comments. The lack of rest. There is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.


Blogging is hard work, contrary to popular opinion. There are many “moving parts” to a successful career that goes the distance. And unless you’ve done it, well…it might go unappreciated.  But here’s the good news: it only takes one big break or “influencer” to notice you to make a significant difference. Just one.


A perfect example, to illustrate my point here is the dynamic career of Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman. As many of you may recall, she was the young African-American poet who recited her poem, “The Hill We Must Climb” and who has subsequently gone viral! She’s everywhere you look. Truth be told, I am very active in the poetry community and the arts scene; yet, I had never even heard of her until the very day she performed at the inauguration. I’m willing to bet that you hadn’t either.

A similar situation happened for Yuwanda Black of Inkwell Editorial, who was able to land a traditional publishing contract due to her informative blog and popular classes and professional services. One person took notice and the rest is history.


The debate continues. Much like the chicken and the egg. But, I can attest that blogging still has value and purpose in this day and age, based upon my many years of experience. 

In fact, this is a great time to have a blogging platform. Why? 

We are living amid a historical gold mine. There is so much happening to weigh in on and address during these interesting times: from education reform; to the global pandemic; to racial policies; to the legalization of cannabis; to political pandemonium.  Don’t just write, right wrongs! 

Though you likely won’t become an overnight success, blogging truly “pays” figuratively and literally.

Have I ever steered you wrong?

Thanks for reading!

Thoughts, readers? What has your blogging experience been like thus far?

Image credits: Pixabay.com


  1. You are an inspiration, Jen! Kudos to you for staying the course, blogging and otherwise. I agree, blogging, despite being a challenging venture at times, has great rewards. My very favorite reward, from my blogging days, is the new friends I met along the way. This includes you, dear friend. :)

  2. Aww, thanks buddy. Your constant encouragement is a blessing.😃