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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, February 26, 2024

In Fullness of the Word* A Book Review

In Fullness of the Word is a valuable collection and keepsake representing the myriad beauty, history, depth, tapestry, and lineage of people of color, expressed in poetic form.

Over 20 Black Poet Laureates, from across the globe, whose lives intersect through their love for the written word, their humanity, their commonality of experiences as Black Americans, come together, producing a harmony akin to a seasoned church choir. 

This makes me proud to provide this review for Black History Month, both as a fellow poet and a Black woman. Take it from me; poetry is much harder than it looks. Scouts honor.

From page one, until the book is done, readers will be engaged, enlightened, entertained, and empowered. This creative "gumbo" will leave readers "full", through the diversity of voices and viewpoints. Themes range from love gone wrong; to creative frustrations; to protest pieces; to motivational poems; and even some cleverly crafted Haikus.  

Edited by Rhea Carmon, it contains nearly 200 pages (including interesting bios and photos) from the accomplished and talented contributors.

There were so many excellent selections, it would be difficult to specifically list all of them that stood out here today.

But here are a few:

We Have a New Dream, by Henry Jones states: "Silence is an echoed form of acceptance which allows the hatred to spread." Pg. 148  

In the poem Fix, Kim B. Miller writes: "You are not a broken people repair kit. They can heal without you." Pg. 2

This anthology resonates with broad readerships, as it is as much about the human experience as it is about the Black Experience.

I rate it 5 ***** stars.

Image credits: Book cover Henry L. Jones
Pen and Paper: Pixabay.com


  1. Hi Jen,
    Poetry IS much harder than it looks! One reason why I don't write it much and leave it to talented poets like you. Appreciate you sharing this!
    Karen :)