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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

National Poetry Month* Featuring David M. Litwack

When Dusk Meets Dawn

No thing finer

Than the thrill of lovers at peace.

Bodies in splendor and delight

Slick and luminescent

When dusk meets dawn.

When rhythm meets rhythm

And lips meet lips like roses,

Or bodies wrap like vines in the night

Creeping to their destiny.

This way to delight.

Hold death at the door

Like the tide in the blue gray dusk.

Hold memory and regret and loss at the door.

This way to ecstasy,

To the holy of holies.

Rhythm of the moon,

Joy of the sun,

And promise against the tide of remembrance.

No thing finer

Than speech without voice

Mute, to claim truth as our own.

In the aftermath of illusion

Where dusk meets dawn.

Grasp it then,

Enfold it then.

Without illusion

Without tortured remembrances,

As a promise against the tide.

The tide of remembrance,

The tide of regret.


David Michael, Michael David (as Mother would have it—his parents couldn’t make up their minds) grew up on the Kansas/Missouri state-line. The tension deriving from his ambiguous naming and breeding location might explain the eclectic mix of folk, international, and country selections that he offers. He’s a wanna-be songwriter noted for, among others, Rock ‘n Roll Nation, El Wahid, and Leavin’ Sara Lee…or soon will be. In the meantime he writes kids’ books; he writes espionage novels; he writes technical stuff; and he romantically proffers his love only to Donna Lu.

Learn more at his site: http://www.davidlitwack1.com/

Image credits: Pixabay.com 

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