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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, January 17, 2022

A New Year Provides a New Service For Writers...Virtual Book Tours

Are you an author who has published a book, but lack the time, energy or resources to promote it properly? Would you like to have your book featured at popular sites?
To have interviews conducted to capture the real "back story" to your story? To increase your visibility and your bottom line?
I can help.

Chances are, no matter where you hang your hat on the globe, you have had fewer opportunities to conduct in-person book signings and launch parties.
Blame it on the pandemic, restrictions, and reduced operating hours of many local businesses. 
Or the closing of many brick and mortar establishments due to changes in the publishing industry.

Either way, you need to get the word out to create a buzz about your book to make progress and make money. If not, it's very likely that the bulk of your books will be buried somewhere in a closet or under your bed collecting dust.

Truth is, whether you self-publish or land a traditional book deal, the success of your promotional campaign will rely heavily upon your own efforts and resourcefulness.

According to Rocketexpansion.com: "During a virtual book tour, you find blogs with big followings of readers interested in your genre or niche. 

This is a great marketing opportunity for authors to reach a larger audience than a traditional book tour would. It also generates links that send interested visitors to your own website."

Author Joan Druett also adds: "Book tours are important for all sorts of reasons. If you don’t go before unknown audiences of diverse kinds, you’re stuck in an echo chamber of your friends and relations who aren’t going to challenge your writing or assumptions terribly much if at all. If you write for a wide public, you should be willing (if not necessarily eager) to meet it."

Here's something else to consider. 
one of my virtual book tour clients recently expressed that one store in his area was charging $250.00 to host local authors. And here's another post on this growing trend.

So, if your goal in 2022 is to "work smarter, not harder," book a virtual book tour through my services today. They are affordable, convenient, safe and fun!

As someone who has worn many different hats in the publishing industry for over 15 years, I am well-versed in many areas and well-connected.

Get in touch today to find out available slots and package prices.
20% discount to my readers for tours booked before February 1, 2022.

I look forward to traveling great distances with you and reaching greater heights!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on this endeavor, Jennifer! I'm sure your services are top notch. Wishing you and your clients all the best.

  2. Thanks so much, Karen. I truly value your feedback and endorsement. :-) Enjoy your week.

  3. I am going to pass this on to a new author. I sent you an email earlier.

  4. Lin,

    I appreciate that. Would love to help!