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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, April 5, 2021

Q & A Interview With Author & Poet Mary LaForge

Thank you for joining us today. We appreciate your time, creative input and expertise here at Pen and Prosper.

Thank you for having me.

Can you tell readers a little about your background and how you began your career as a writer, Mary?

Although I've written since childhood, my official career began when I entered a poetry competition, won third prize, and $30. My 30 pieces of silver incentive. I studied writing briefly with Professor William Packard at NYU, had several poetry books published, and recently won the 2021 Literary Titan Silver Book Award. 

What inspired you to write HOW I ESCAPED FROM BLOODY HELL? What do you hope readers will take away from it?

Different forms of creativity provide different joys for me, and at different times during my life. Journaling was not high on my list. I didn’t even write a teenage diary. Mostly cathartic writings were few and far between, and after written,  would be thrown away. One day, however, a splurging of words poured onto a page as the result of some existential question I was wondering about. As I wrote, new questions popped up, and pretty much like a maniac, I kept writing and writing until I exhausted my Q&A reservoir of the moment. Once I had my big revelation, editing and refining brought the content to a readable conclusion. 

I would like this example of self-discovery to be copied. To inspire others to explore their own spiritual universe through writing, and especially through journaling now that I know it can lead to inner growth, is my greatest hope. 

 What challenges you the most about being a scribe? 

Writing itself doesn’t challenge me. I look forward to writing as a leap into my imagination where I can play with the things floating around in my mind. I feel closest to God when creating. Marketing, however, challenges me. Interestingly  I must be improving my marketing skills somewhat because it’s almost fun, sometimes, sort of.

 What would it surprise others to know about you?

I can be a little harsh, as has been pointed out to me in public with extraordinary calm. It took me a while to understand he was talking about me and then I laughed at my aggressive, naive self, a lot. Lesson learned.

 If you could have one literary “super power” what would it be?

To choose the words that most affect positive results for others without losing the child-like writing experience where I really don’t care what effect my writing has on others because I am having fun.

 What philosophy do you live by?

Be creative, and everything else takes care of itself.

 I see you’ve written in multiple genres. What’s your favorite mode of expression?

Poetry when in deep internal moods, non-fiction as philosophical answers to my why's, and speculative fiction to explore how way-out I can get and still make sense.

Can you give me one marketing tip to share with readers here today?

Prioritize your writing as being your first focus even when you aren’t in writing mode.

What passion project or “cause” excites you currently?

I want to donate snack containers to uplift a local child’s spirit. Having something, however small, you can claim as your own may have a powerful and life-affirming effect on a child's mind and spirit to recover from any kind of trauma. Partial proceeds from the sale of this book goes towards my MOO snack container project.


Mary LaForge is a creative non-fiction writer, poet, and author of five books currently living in Tennessee, USA
Visit her site here:



  1. Mary la Forge, what an inspiration! I love the Moo snack container project. Writing is in the blood, isn't it? Thank you and Jen for the interview.

    1. Thanks so much, Lin. We appreciate your time and feedback today. :-)

  2. Yes Ma'am, writing is in the blood, well said. Thanks much for your kind comments.

    1. ...And thank you again, Mary, for sharing your success story with my readers here.

    2. Jennifer, thank you also for your generosity, and your profound questions.