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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, June 11, 2018

Turn up the Heat on Your Writing With Cooking Shows

I was watching the Rachael Ray show this morning featuring Laila Ali.
It was a very interesting segment where the two ladies shared some delicious dishes, while promoting Ali's new cookbook.

Of course I hope to get my hands on this gem soon, to add to my culinary offerings and my growing collection of cooking guides.
I love to cook and entertain friends and loved ones. Which is why cooking shows are typically on my weekly "menu."
You should tune in too, periodically; particularly if becoming a better writer is something you aspire to in days ahead.
There are many commonalities and parallels for writers and cooks. In fact, I've covered some of this "food for thought" before on this blog.  As they say, "repetition reinforces."
If you need some convincing, read on as I share what's cooking, and how food shows can inform and enhance the creative process.


Jen's Corn Salad
First impressions count.

"People eat with their eyes first." In a similar fashion, editors reviewing your work and visitors  discovering your blog through a referenced link, should experience your best. They should be well "fed." If not, their first encounter just might be their very last. Sample before serving.

Good cooking and good writing both involve incorporating many of the basic senses: touch, sight, sound.

Good writing and good cooking call for the right balance.

Have you ever over seasoned something in preparing a meal? If so, you know why too much of a good thing can be bad. The same holds true for writing. Not having a "balanced" perspective and objectivity can cause others to doubt your credibility and your writing ability. For proper balance, (particularly when doing feature pieces, informative posts and interviews) keep an open mind. Consider all the facts. Read different sources. Research.

A clean, organized work area (with both crafts) enhances the creative process and de-clutters thoughts.

I notice whenever I watch Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart, they're never scouting around for a misplaced utensil or ingredient; everything is in view and easily accessed. Does the same hold true for your desk or office?

Both require following directions properly for optimal results.

For cooking it could be a Betty Crocker recipe; while for writing it can come in the form of submission guidelines provided by a targeted publication. Read and heed.

Collaborations create win/win situations.

Celebrity chefs on TV often invite other chefs to their program to provide diversity; share different areas of expertise; and form important alliances. You'd be wise to partner up with fellow bloggers and other writers in your social circle, partner!
Remember, "two heads are better than one."

Keep these practices and principles in mind to "spice up" your writing career and to make more progress in 2018.

Thoughts? Agree or disagree?
Watch any good cooking shows lately?

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  1. Saved as a favorite, I really like your website!

  2. Wow, Jennifer. What an interesting way to look at our writing. You know the food angle always appeals to me, right? LOL Great post.

    1. Sue,
      I always find myself making correlations with writing; it makes things more fun and broadens my base for ideas. Thanks for stopping by, dear.

  3. I never thought about this. There is a connection. Feeding our minds and feeding our bellies work hand in hand. When you lay it out that way the similarities are surprising. Thanks!!!

    1. Bryan,

      You're very welcome.
      I appreciate your time and feedback here.

  4. Great principles for every writer. You are always cooking up great ideas.

    1. And you're always adding "sweetness" to the mix.
      Thanks much, Lin.

  5. Excellent comparison! Hadn't thought about all the parallels. I need to work on keeping my writing environment in better order. While not messy, my desk is easily overloaded with all the tasks I perform there, from my husband's business bookkeeping tasks, tutoring duties, to my freelance work and more. It's too easy for items to get lost in the volume of what happens there. Oddly enough, I'm a much neater cook! Lol Thanks for sharing this timely and delicious insight. :)

  6. Karen
    I'm guilty of needing to purge a few papers from my desk as well. Lol

    But as long as we're able to locate important stuff when we need it, I wouldn't worry too much. :-)

    Loved hearing from you today.

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