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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Joys of Journaling!

I love how words give shape and permanence to our thoughts.
How they mirror our moods, capture our experiences, make us assess and reflect.

Particularly as it relates to journal writing. And there's a bonus here,
journals are our secret keepers; they guard and preserve our most intimate stories without judgment or disclosure. Better than a best friend, at times.

Which is why I have kept a journal since my teen years...in every size, color and theme.
And the good news is you're never too young or old to start one or maintain one.

As the years have evolved, here are some benefits I have observed from this age-old practice.
See if you agree.


  • Journaling can be cathartic. Potentially saving thousands of dollars in professional therapy. :-)
  • It can help enhance creativity.
  • It can bring closure to plaguing issues or painful relationships. Your words can help "close the chapter" to unresolved issues, or write your own "happy ending" as you see fit.
  • Journaling can assist us to chronicle, witness and understand our spectrum of emotions and our personal growth. Remember that guy or girl who broke your heart, that you thought you'd never get over? When you read your journal entries years later in retrospect, you'll get quite a laugh and even confirmation of your inner-strength.
  • Journals can be used for an array of projects and purposes.

  • A Blessings Journal
  • A Recipes/Food Journal
  • An Exercise/Diet Journal
  • A Shopping Journal
  • A Financial Journal
  • A Work life Journal
  • A Creative Journal
  • A Relationship Journal
  • A Bucket List Journal

If you're on board, here are a few places to score cute, inexpensive diaries and journals:

  • Online @ Amazon.com
  • At a local Dollar Store
  • At thrift shops
  • At Stationery stores

Get creative here.
Add photos, stickers, pressed flowers, post cards to places you've been or would like to visit, for a more personalized experience.

There's really no wrong way to pen your life story, for memories that live a life time. 

Curious here. Do you keep a journal? What kind? Do tell.

Image credits: https://Pixabay.com/


  1. I agree, journaling is a wonderful activity. Despite my thoughts about it, I've never been that consistent with it until recently. The motivator - I read Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf. Dr. Leaf encourages readers to rid their minds and lives of toxic thought processes, and shares an activity that helps us do that. I began a journal as a part of this activity. It's been an eye opening, interesting, and cathartic activity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks so much for your thoughts here. I know what you mean about not being consistent with it. But, it still does not diminish its benefits--which is the good thing about it. Have a great, safe holiday weekend, Karen.:-)

  3. I've never considered a bucket list journal until reading your post. Now I know what my next project will be.

  4. Great to hear! Keep us posted, Lin. :-)

  5. Yes, I - among other things - do keep an Activity Journal, Journaling about constant developments

    Our Nature Inspired Designs we make in our Design Studio, backgrounds about our designs, photo shoots, and ideas to write about etc. etc. you also can read part of this Journaling in our

    EDS-Newsfacts Blog.

    BTW follow us on our - Twitter - and you will get announcements about new blog posts! :)