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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Are You Traveling "Economy" With Your Career?

"81% of Bloggers never make a $100.00 from their blogs."

Would you like to take your blogging to new heights in 2017?
Earn money for your writing efforts?  Work smarter, not harder?
Go the distance with fewer "detours"?

Here's the ticket in three words: Stop. Traveling. Economy.
For greater clarity here, please allow me to elaborate...

Most of us folks have had some type of traveling experience in our lives. True?
Perhaps a honeymoon trip to a faraway island. Or a flight during the Xmas holiday to return home to visit family and friends.

Based upon our budget, time availability, travel destination and preferences, there are various options to get from "Point A" to "Point Z".

The experience and expectations, however, will largely be dictated by one simple decision:
Will you travel "economy" or "first class" ?

There's no denying that either category designation will do the job.
But, here are a few differentiators.

The same concept applies to other industries as well.
For example, a 5-star hotel will typically afford more luxuries, better room service, better security measures, more accommodations and a fancier room than a budget  motel.

A university education typically enhances your educational horizons more than a community college.

So what's the moral to the story here?
"You get what you pay for."


Ask the average writer what one goal he/she would like to achieve, and more than likely the answer will be to make more money. And yet, very few scribes invest in the tools and resources needed to earn a living or even meet the costs of operating a website.

A survey of 1000 bloggers by Blogging.com in 2012 found that "17% are able to sustain their lifestyle or support their family with their blogs, while 81% never make even $100 from blogging."

If I had to theorize why, I would say that many of their careers remain "grounded" largely because they fail to buy books, take classes, hire editors, or pay for professional organizations that will enhance them and allow them to optimize their efforts.

Don't let it be you.

Blogging is not as easy as it looks; especially in today's competitive climate.
You must "invest" for greater success.
Of course, this is not to suggest that writers should not avail themselves to the many "free" avenues and resources online to hone their craft.
But, don't stop there.

Level up!


Some time ago, I wanted to publish a professional eBook. After doing some research, I hired a lady to design and format my work who offered "budget basement" prices that could potentially save me a few hundred bucks.

At the time, I thought it was a smart and frugal move. Turns out, it wasn't.
The work was so shoddy, I lost countless hours requesting revisions, hand-holding and trying to resolve our creative differences. "And time is money."

I ended up having to pay extra money to hire someone else, and had to start the whole process over again from scratch. Lesson learned.


A wise man one said that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Hello?

Chances are, no matter what level you're on in your writing career, you could probably use help ascending new heights or venturing new paths; we all do.


To advance my swagger this year, here are a few books, strategies and resources I have invested in:

  • In addition to guest posting, I have now paid for Ads on other sites to promote my services and products and expand my reach.
  • I have launched a series of information products to provide greater value to my readers and fan base. You can learn more or order my eBooks designed to help writers "work smarter, not harder" and earn extra income here:

(my books are affordably priced $2.99-$3.99)

  • I have purchased books from fellow writers on marketing, email campaigns and other writing related topics ( authored by Carol Tice, Ed Gandhia, Yuwanda Black).
  • I have researched and am reviewing additional writers' organizations for memberships to join to broaden my network.
  • I was approached, and am considering teaching new business classes online to create more passive income. Stay tuned for details!


If you want to advance, why not take a chance?
Dare to do something different today, for a more progressive career this year!
Remember, "You have to spend money to make money."
Free will only get you so far.

Thoughts? Agree or disagree?
What will you do differently to "level up" this year?  Do tell.

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  1. This is good advice. Timely too, as always. Looking into more ways to broaden my horizons along these lines as well. Thanks a bunch!

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  3. Thanks, Karen. Readers like you keep me going here. :-)