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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Rock Your Next Writer's Event or Spring Party!

Last week we had record breaking high temperatures here in the windy city.
A welcome reprieve from the typical back-breaking-snow-shoveling-layered clothes-wearing weather we're often up against.

Yep. Spring has sprung. Albeit briefly--and I can't wait for the sequel. Know why?
Spring is one of my favorite seasons. The smells, colors, energy, warmth, all seem to stimulate and seduce my muse like no other time of the year.

And there's a bonus here: it's the perfect time for social gatherings--both indoors and out.
It's party season, peeps!

I have a few writers' events in the works, (Poetry on the Patio, birthday celebrations) and in preparation, I'd like to share some timely tips today that can help you to host "an affair to remember."

Many of these guidelines will work well for multiple events: backyard bbqs, book club events, book launch parties, or birthdays.

So, if you'd like to become a "party smarty" grab your favorite brew and read on...


Successful party planning begins with your invitations. Be creative. Your invitations, much like music, set the mood. Depending upon my needs, my budget, and the party list, I do a combination of things: send out printed invites from a local stationery store, email flyers that I create online, and make phone calls for a more personal touch.

If you'd like some beautiful, designer made invitation options, PaperlessPost.com will not disappoint!

Here are some other things to consider:
  • Your theme--Is it a costume party? A 60s party? A family reunion? Having a theme simplifies things. It allows you to coordinate your colors and accessories successfully.
  • Method for responding--Should guests return an R.S.V.P. card? Call your home number to keep you in the loop? Send an email? Smoke signals? No matter how it's done, make sure that your guests realize that their confirmation is crucial to an accurate count for menu and seating accommodations. It's one of my biggest pet peeves, folks. :-)
  • Specify whether or not kids are allowed and whether or not your guests can bring others.
  • If the party is associated with a book you've launched, your book cover can even serve as the design for the invitations. How cool is that?

  • Provide an array of tasty options, keeping in mind that some people have dietary restrictions and religious observances to follow.
  • Try new recipes out. But, word to the wise: don't experiment the day of your party. Honey, no! Test out your dishes a day or two before. This enables you to modify and season to taste.
  • Your party's designated theme can also govern your food selections. For example, a Cinco de Mayo might include Mexican dishes, a dessert party would obviously include cakes and various pastries, movie night would have popcorn and hotdogs.
  • For convenience sake, prepare some items in advance and refrigerate. The time you'll save can be spent mingling with your guests and dazzling them with your conversation.
  • As far as drinks go, you'll want to provide both "adult beverages" and those without alcohol content.

  • Games and gifts are always nice party enhancements. With my creative crew, for instance, we may play trivia games or "Name that tune." I give out book markers, decorative pens, trinkets and journals to winners.
  • Consider giving a gift basket of coffee and assorted teas to the first person that arrives.
  • Music can make or break a party; have a mixture from various categories and time periods.
  • Chocolates or mini baked goods to take home are nice added touches as well.

    Follow these timely tips and you'll be considered "the hostess with the mostest!"
    And with any luck, maybe Adam Levine will crash your party, like in the video below.

      Image credit: Banditt the Cat-Randy Richardson
      Party/computers/cake: Https: Pixabay.com/


    1. All great ideas. Are you sure you're not an events planner in your other world?

    2. LOL Love the advice not to try new recipes for an event. Honey, no! Cracks me up. You are one wise woman, Jennifer!

    3. Lin,
      That comment tickled me. :-) My current world requires that I wear many hats. Always love to hear from you here.

    4. Sue,
      Trust me. Been there. Done that. Remind me to tell you the story about my baked beans botch. Oy vey ! Thanks for stopping by. U are appreciated. :-)

    5. What fun ideas! I agree with Linda, maybe you're an event planner in disguise. :)

    6. If the price is right it is definitely in my wheel house. Lol
      Girls just wanna have fun! :-) Thanks, Karen.