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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Build a Reading Garden This Summer...

With warmer weather on the horizon, thoughts naturally "migrate" to outdoor activities and fun in the sun. And for those of us that enjoy the escape provided by a good book and nature's divinity, a Reading Garden holds happily-ever-after potential.

First, let me go on record here as admitting that I am not an "expert" on the subject. I actually stumbled upon it recently while doing some blog browsing and I was hooked on the concept.

You can read more here at Sweatpantsandcoffee.com: http://sweatpantsandcoffee.com/creative-lifestyles-create-outdoor-reading-garden/

and here: http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/special/spaces/reading-garden-design.htm


A reading garden is an extension of your living space that allows you to create a special nook outdoors to get lost between the pages of a good book or two, and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Image: Freedigitalphotos.net


More and more these days, people are seeking to make their homes the ideal "sanctuary," due to the expense, inconvenience, and hassle of travel to distant lands and posh resorts.
"Stay-cations" are increasing in popularity.
And think about it... a Reading Garden is an opportunity to be creative, have fun, and increase the functionality of your backyard.  It need not be reserved just for barbeques!



A Reading Garden, much like an office space, should be a reflection of your personality, lifestyle, and spacial considerations.
Plan out your space and design beforehand. Depending upon your know-how and budget, the services of a professional landscaper might be warranted.  
 For a successful project, let's explore a few things of importance here.
  •  You'll want to choose furniture that is comfortable, attractive and weatherproof. A good sturdy table umbrella is a smart choice as well.
  •  If you don't have a "green thumb" or the desire to do a lot of maintenance or upkeep, opt for something simple like a bird bath, rock garden, and solar lights.
  • Make the most of your experience; have herbal teas, Citronella candles, and a set of head phones to block out surrounding noises on hand. 
  • Outdoor "pits" can also add warmth, interest and ambiance.

I'll let you know how mine develops in months to come. That is, if I'm not immersed in another project that tickles my fancy...

How about you? Do you have a reading garden? Would this be of interest? What books or "niceties" would yours include?



  1. I wanted to have an 'all-weather' room built on the back of our house. Hubby asked me not to. He had the idea of clearing the 'stuff' off the front porch(enclosed) and letting me have that space. We haven't been able to do it yet. But, I will keep this in mind when we get to do it.

    1. Welcome back, quietspirit. I'm sure the front porch will provide a nice, cozy set-up. Keep us posted, will you? :-)

  2. I have a nook outdoors on our covered patio. I enjoy reading while rocking on the glider with comfy pillows, the scent of flowers, and bird song as background music. I wish I had a pond...or beach house. That would be my dream.

    1. Hi Lin,

      Once you sell that award-winning novel or best-selling book, you can buy a separate beach house in California. It's a "no-brainer." :-) Thanks for your thoughts today.

  3. Wow! Never thought about a Reading Garden, but it sounds cool. I like to read outside and I usually sit on the porch or on the back stairs, but to designate a space for reading (and/or writing) sounds like the thing to do. Something to think about.

    1. Thanks, Steph. Make sure to take before and after pics!

  4. Oh,my goodness! What a charming idea. We have 3 1/2 acres and I wonder if I should attempt this. How to keep grand kids, critters and hubby away though? LOL They'd love it, too. Great post, Jen.

  5. This is a lovely idea. We just inherited a porch swing (our son doesn't have a suitable porch right now) and so it's nestled in a nice space under our elevated deck. I'm thinking with a few cushions and a little table, that'll work for me. Thanks for sharing this. Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Hi Karen,

    It works if you work it! And if you take before and after pics, it could be a future Blog post, even! :-) Thanks for stopping by and adding to the mix here.

  7. In a former home a lot of years ago I had a balcony transformed into a nice little 'Outdoor Lounge Area' with an actual tiny balcony pond.

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    1. Thanks for sharing, H.P.
      Love the idea of a pond...