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"Required reading" for today's smart writer.
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

What Love and Relationships Can Teach us About Better Blogging...

It's a rainy, stormy day in my corner of the world today. Not the best "backdrop" or inspiration for creativity and connecting.
But, as I wrestled with my muse and pondered what to post here, I had an "ah-ha" moment of sorts.
I realized that my ongoing commitment to my readers has many parallels to romance and the state of relationships. And you will too.
In an effort to provide another "teachable moment" here at Pen and Prosper, here's what love and partnerships can offer us to become better bloggers.
1. Thy must honor the "Retention Rule".
Or as I like to call it, "What it takes to get you, it takes to keep you."
Let's face it: as with all new relationships, the beginning holds a lot of potential promise. We're excited. Optimistic even. We put our best foot forward, and try to keep up our looks.
Fast forward. We lose momentum. We get busy. Somebody gains weight. We don't feel appreciated for our efforts. Or we feel as if we're not being heard (lack of comments, slow blog growth, etc.)
But, as easy as it may become to hold back our best, or slow our pace, or give into plaguing doubts, it's important to press on beyond the "honeymoon stage". Remember that love has many seasons. Keep in mind a profound scriptural passage: "Love endureth all things."
2. Good relationships are unselfish.
Love requires sacrifice. Today's busy blogger is typically faced with an array of competing demands and choices---from spending time with family and friends, to house projects, to work responsibilities, to the need for rest and rejuvenation. With this being the case, blogging is always a balancing act. True? But, to make things work, we each have a role of give and take as readers and writers. Many of us bloggers share our time, tips, talents, resources, and words of encouragement in exchange for your comments, readership, friendship, and support.
3. Sometimes "space is needed." 
Like most bloggers, I love blogging. I dig the interaction, the exchange, and the opportunity to connect with quality people. I learn things. I laugh. I reflect. But, just like in real life relationships, sometimes I have to "disengage" and take time off to go the distance.
Better a break, than a break-up. :-)
4. It's important to choose our words wisely.
In even the most loving relationships, we say things that we may regret; either because they are not the best suited for what we'd like to convey, or they offend someone we care about. It happens to the best of us. Be cautious, but don't be overly concerned. Good writing and blogging means that our passionate thoughts and views about God, or pop music, or politics will cause a few feathers to ruffle. When appropriate apologize. When not, move on.  

5. Humor helps.
Relationships can be heavy stuff. Filled with highs and lows, good times and bad, pain and pleasure.
A wise person once said: "If you can laugh through it, you can live through it." 
Which is why humor has an important role. Humor lifts and elevates. When possible, incorporate it in your writing to add appeal and to enhance the "engagement" factor.
Though "parting is such sweet sorrow" readers, this ends today's post.
Would "love" to hear your thoughts on this topic.
Have a great, safe holiday.


  1. Little, unexpected gifts are nice. A shout out to a blogging friend. A book give-away. A link. An appearance at blogging friend's book signing. (If Linda O'Connell would have worn a mumu to see Gloria Gaynor, she could have hidden me inside all that fabric--that would have been nice. ;)

    Jennifer--great connection between relationships and blogging.

    1. Sioux,

      You got it right, dear one. :-) I appreciate your "thoughtful" comment. And I agree with you on Linda; would have loved to see Gloria Gaynor. Can you believe it?!

  2. There are all kinds of different types of relationships, and different types/levels of sharing. I do believe that sharing things that readers can relate to is important for being able connect with readers.

    Since with all the demands today's writer's have to deal with, I do expect most writer's to be able to relate to things like deadline stress and a need for working efficiently. Because of that I recently wrote a post about a helpful book I read about that topic.

    1. Thanks, H.P.,

      Speaking of sharing: you'll "love" to learn that you were a winner in the recent Chicken Soup Comment give-away, by Linda. As per her comment at her post, please email her with your mailing address to get your free book. Congrats!

  3. Thank you Jennifer, once again you nailed your topic. Thanks for the heads up to HP. I have abook for your follower.

    1. Jennifer Brown BanksSeptember 3, 2013 at 4:34 AM

      Great to hear, Linda. And thanks on behalf of H.P. :-)

  4. "Many of us bloggers share out time, tips . . ." Boy, you got that right! The crux of the matter in one sentence. You draw great parallels in this post, Jen. Love it.

    1. Sue,

      So glad you like it. Thanks for the input, as always. :-)

  5. Keep on writing, great job!

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